Sequins: One Skirt, Three Looks

I have been seeing a lot of holiday looks on blogs and in magazines so I was motivated to share a new favorite festive look, too. Actually, it’s three looks all using the same skirt.

When I first spied this sequin skirt (see pictures below) in the store earlier this month, I liked everything about it … the color, the length, even the price … but I had a moment of hesitation and didn’t buy it. I mused over it as I continued my shopping that day and once I was home later in the evening I knew that I had made a mistake by not buying it. The store I saw it in is a fair distance from my home and isn’t the one I shop at most frequently but I hadn’t seen the skirt in my local store before (and to say that I shop at this nationwide retailer a lot is an understatement) so I figured it was new and that my local store would now have it on the rack as well. That was not the case when I checked the following day so I resorted to ordering it on-line. I placed the order on Sunday hoping I would have it by Friday because I wanted to wear it to the two parties I would be going to on Saturday.

I won’t draw out the story like I did with the Am I Repeating Myself? series but again an on-line purchase failed to deliver (LOL) as promised. A mid-week check on the expected delivery showed it was scheduled to arrive by the end of day on Saturday. Not good! I went to another nearby store (there are a lot of them around) and to my relief they had the skirt in stock and in my size so I bought it with the intention of returning the one purchased on-line. Happily, I had my new sequin skirt in hand which was fortunate because the delivery was a no-show as in deemed undeliverable by the carrier due to a problem with the way my address appeared on the label. Fine, whatever.

My initial thoughts for styling the skirt was to wear it with my bronze glitter peep-toe pumps but the retailer’s picture on-line showed it with casual leather boots and that got me thinking about other options as well as how it might fit into my 31 Day Footwear Challenge (see Day 19). I came up with three looks to share with you and personally, I think that the skirt looks as good dressed up, dressed down, or even somewhere in the middle.

As I said earlier I wanted to wear the skirt (and likely the same outfit) to the two parties the Husband and I were invited to that Saturday. With consideration to the weather, I decided that my best option was the ‘somewhere in the middle’ that included boots and sweaters (for warmth) because the evening party was at the home of friends and we would outside on the patio. Even without the sequins, the outfit is one that I would wear normally and I loved the added sparkle the sequins gave to it.

FWE Blog - sequin skirt 1

FWE Blog - sequin skirt 2

FWE Blog - sequin skirt 3

I’m dying for a chance to wear the skirt again but more glammed up. I already knew that my bronze glitter peep-toe pumps would look great with the skirt and some rummaging in my closet unearthed a forgotten about sea-green cardigan that has sequins in the same color range as the ones on the skirt. Unfortunately, the sweater is a bit too snug to wear buttoned up so I grabbed my lace top that I shared in Daytime Wedding in the Fall to wear under it. It was my mother’s rule that no outfit is complete without a necklace but I couldn’t decided between two so I just went with both of them for the pictures.

FWE Blog - sequin skirt 4

FWE Blog - sequin skirt 5

FWE Blog - sequin skirt 6

With my imagination running wild, I wondered how the skirt would look with black leather. Again with pieces I already owned, I choose a top with a little bit of bling at the neckline instead of a necklace and the boots are ones that I wore on Day 27. I pinned back my hair so that earrings would show and added some sparkle at the wrist as well. I’m not sure when I would have an occasion to wear the skirt like this but if one comes my way I’ll be ready.

FWE Blog - sequin skirt 7

FWE Blog - sequin skirt 8

FWE Blog - sequin skirt 9

FWE Blog - sequin skirt 10

I would love to hear about your ideas for styling this skirt and please let me know what you think of mine. Thanks for reading.

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