31 Day Footwear Challenge: Days 22 thru 28

It’s a busy time of the year so I’ll keep the intro short and sweet. It appears that the theme of the week was boots. In Days 8 thru 14 I said that I had been taking advantage of the dry weather and wearing footwear that wasn’t good for raining weather so for this week most of what was left for me to choose were boots. I’m not complaining, just explaining why all you will see in this post are boots. Tall boots, short boots, boots that zip in back, ruched boots, buckle boots, even boots with corduroy (anyone thinking about hotdogs?).  

Ya, I know, that was bad so I won’t drag this out any further.

Day 22 - brown boots with corduroy shaft

Day 22 – brown boots with corduroy shaft

I’ve had these boots a long time and I think that the corduroy gives them a unique look. I can recall that I first saw these boots in a department store and was delighted when I found them for a lot less at an outlet mall. I’m so glad that the chunky, stacked heel is back in style again.

Day 23 - boots with back zipper

Day 23 – boots with back zipper

I bought these boots about four years ago when the back zipper style was first becoming popular. I think that the black zipper gives the boots a more sophisticated look that if it was in a contrasting color. The low heel makes these boots very comfortable and were a great option in my vacation capsule.

Day 24 - boots with ruched shaft

Day 24 – boots with ruched shaft

These are my current favorite and I’ve felt a bit like a fish out of water without this ‘go to’ option on a weekly basis. I wear them to work, on the weekends, with skirts, with dresses (don’t worry, I’m not starting another parody), dressed up and dressed down, they seem to go with nearly everything.

Day 25 - tall boots with leggings

Day 25 – tall boots with leggings

I’m not sure why but these boots rank low on my ‘like’ list although I am liking them with this outfit. I think I just need more brown in my wardrobe.

Day 26 - ankle boots with perforations

Day 26 – booties with perforations

I hope you can see the perforations on the outer side of these ankle boots. Like several others that I have, these boots have a bit of a western flair to them which suits this little ol’ country-western music loving gal. I’d like to make note of the outfit; except for the boots, all of the key pieces are thrifted. The cost of the pants (Levi’s), blouse (J.Jill), jacket (Old Navy), and scarf (no label) was less than $15.

Day 27 - a little bit country, a little bit rock & roll

Day 27 – a little bit country, a little bit rock & roll

I bought these beauties a few years ago to wear to my 50th birthday party which had a country-western theme. Not quite a cowboy boot but close enough and I can wear them without looking like I should be out on the range.

Day 28 - booties with jeans

Day 28 – booties with jeans

Despite the 3 1/2″ heel, I find that snug fitting booties like the ones above can be more comfortable that other high heeled shoes because the higher vamp distributes my weight better on my feet. At 5’4″, I appreciate the added height I can get from shoes but I want to be comfortable as well and this style gives me both.

That’s a wrap on Days 22 thru 28. There will be one more post on Thursday to finish the series.

7 thoughts on “31 Day Footwear Challenge: Days 22 thru 28”

  1. I am in love with your curly hair! I’d like to put it in all kinds of cute hairstyles.
    I like this idea of your post with all the different boots. I’m inspired by it, as I have about ten pairs of boots that I need to wear, I buy them ’cause I love them, and then I fall into the 80/20 rule, as with most of my clothes and accessories, and then they are banished to the back of the closet. I may get “Single White Female” on you, and slightly borrow your idea. Keep rockin’ it!!!!

    1. Thank you for the follow. I’m glad you like the post. Did you see the others for days 1 thru 21? It’s been an interesting experience rediscovering some of my old favorites. I would love to hear your hairstyle ideas because I feel as though I have fallen into a rut and I’m interested in exploring options for styling my mass of curls.

  2. I found your blog via another post I read today. Then, your posts on shoes caught my eye. I also have way too many shoes, all Clarks. Since age 50 and years of teaching, they’re all that I can wear to support my high arches. I decided recently that I’m not buying any shoes for a year. I hope I can stick to my plan. I loved seeing your selection.

    1. It’s good to find what works for you and then stick with it. Thanks for letting me know that you stopped by and I hope that you will a returning reader.

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