31 Day Footwear Challenge: Days 29 thru 31

The challenge is complete.  I did what I set out to do.  From my existing footwear wardrobe, I wore a different selection everyday for a month, a 31 day long month.  There was only one time when I did a switch out during the day (see Day 19) but other than then, what you see in the pictures is what I wore that day.  I was fortunate that the El Nino rains hadn’t yet started so my many suede options were in play throughout the month.

Before I move onto the pictures of these last three days, I want to share a few tidbits about the challenge experience. I drive to work and I do a fair amount of sitting during the day so I’m able to wear heels without incurring a lot of ‘on my feet all day’ pain. I don’t know if you noticed but the weekday pictures were taken by me (self timer and newly acquired remote) in my office at my day job.  I’m the director of a 15 person department so Monday thru Thursday my outfits are career oriented with Fridays a bit more casual.  There were two holidays this month and this past week there was only a small crew working so it was very casual.   These are the stats on ‘style’ days – 15 days career, 3 days Friday casual, 10 days of weekend/holiday, and 3 low key workdays.  I had thought that I would find it easier to do this challenge in December because there would be more casual days as opposed to any other month but I found myself almost in a pickle as I considered my remaining options.  Nevertheless, I did prevail and I hope you’ve enjoyed the results of my labors.

Just one more mention before the pictures, you may have also noticed that I didn’t wear any really flat shoes other than the loafers on Day 13 and the boots on Days 23 and 31. This is because other than tennies, yoga shoes, and casual sandals, I don’t have low heeled shoes like ballet flats for two reasons. One, at 5’4″ I like the extra height and vertical stretch I can get from heels. And two, I have really flat feet and I have yet to find a ballet flat that fits, stays on my foot, and doesn’t gap atrociously when I walk.

Alright, enough with the chatter, here are the pictures for the last three days of the challenge.


Day 29 - wedge loafers

Day 29 – wedge loafers

This is yet another pair of shoes that I’ve had for many years (9 in this case), were once favorites, but I haven’t worn them in a long time. I’ve really enjoyed the ‘getting re-acquainted’ benefit of this challenge and this is a pair that will definitely be back in regular rotation.

Day 30 - suede booties with lug sole

Day 30 – suede booties with lug sole

These booties are a definite favorite and because of the light color I wear them from late September through early May and I wear them with ‘career’ outfits as well as casual. The lace up vamp provides extra support and weight distribution which makes them very comfortable to wear in all day long.

Day 31 - work boot in style but all comfort

Day 31 – work boot in style but all comfort

And last but not least, these boots are a new purchase, one of the several pairs I bought for myself and as gifts last month that were marked down to $19.99 in a Black Friday weekend sale. They were the last ones on the shelf so I was lucky they were my size. Initially I thought they were a little bit outside my comfort zone style wise and I already had the combat boots from Day 5 in hand but I couldn’t pass up the deal. They have a shearling lining and are so comfortable. The husband and I are hosting a small NYE party at our home so the dress code is casual and this outfit fits the bill.

I have a couple of ideas for other style challenges I can impose upon myself in 2016 but I think I’ll pick a month with less days. What style challenges are you prepared to take on?

2 thoughts on “31 Day Footwear Challenge: Days 29 thru 31”

  1. I just bought a pair of combat boots, nice leather, not too bulky but wondered if they were age appropriate. I was going to return them today but after your post, I am going to keep them. I have always wanted a pair, and I guess if you wear the correct top, you can get away with them at any age. Thanks for the post and giving me confidence to wear the combat boots.

  2. Wow, I so appreciate your comments and they truly brighten my day. There are so many ways to style up combat boots that they can work for any age so go for it! Style and comfort are a hard combo to beat.

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