Daytime Wedding in the Fall


A few weeks ago I attended a daytime wedding and in the days leading up to the event, I was faced with the familiar and usual dilemma of ‘what do I wear?’.  The last daytime wedding I attended was my sister’s and I was the Maid of Honor so my outfit for the occasion was decided upon for me.  Based on the venue of the upcoming wedding I knew that it would not be a fancy-shmancy affair but it would not be super casual either.

When I think of weddings, it is images of flowers, lace, and pearls that come to mind so that’s what I used for my inspiration.  I love florals and I immediately thought of the sweater you see in the pictures as I began to put together my outfit.  It is a recent addition to my wardrobe (Ann Taylor Outlet) and I like how the darker flowers pop from the lighter background color.  The lace top (Target) I’ve had for a couple of years and I love the button detail in the back.

Now onto the bottom half.  My decision to wear pants instead of a skirt was made as I was getting dressed.  Since it was a daytime wedding I figured that the ‘rules’ for appropriate attire were more relaxed.  The best leg baring option in my wardrobe would have been a black pencil skirt but I thought it made the outfit look less festive and more like a work outfit.  Instead I settled on the black jogger silhouette pants (Gap) that I had purchased this past summer and were featured in a previous post.  The pearl necklaces, bracelet, and the black leather peep-toe pumps I’ve had for several years but the purse (INC) is a recent thrift store find.   

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The wedding was lovely, with an outdoor ceremony on a sunny autumn day.  The bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome, and there was a lot of joy and happiness.  I felt stylish and comfortable in my flowers, lace, and pearls.

And then there is my beautiful daughter looking so stylish as well.  She is my favorite accessory.

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