Itty-Bitty Floral: Powers The Flower & Link Up

This wide-leg jumpsuit with its itty-bitty floral print has been hanging in my closet waiting for a special day to make its debut and today is it. And today is triply special. To start with, these are my first post-surgery photos for the blog. Next, the jumpsuit finally fits me, and lastly, today I’m celebrating my 2nd blogaversary.

You’ll need to excuse the ghastly (or is that ghostly) white cast of my skin but I haven’t had much outdoor time recently. The last of the drains were removed on Wednesday so, in the past couple of days, I’ve had some fun going through my wardrobe and finding out how my clothes fit differently with my now much flatter abdomen. One of the winners was this jumpsuit which had been a bit too snug before because of my not uncommon MO of buying clothes a size too small with the intention that when I lose 5 or 10 pounds it will fit great (anyone else guilty of this too?).

Like many women, the adoration I once had in my younger days for jumpsuits and rompers has faded in light of the desire for less complicated clothing. Nevertheless, the itty-bitty floral print on this jumpsuit won me over and I figured that I could handle a little inconvenience when it came to attending to bodily functions.

I opted to keep the details simple and chose my perforated black wedge sandals, laser cut white tote, and a couple of sparkly bracelets.

Highlights Of Year 2 On The Blog

Today, my blog is 2 years old (I hope it’s not going to become a troublesome toddler).  The graphic below was the feature image for my first blogaversary post. In that post, I covered my reasons for starting the blog, some of what I had learned in that first year, and I republished my very first post I Don’t Understand The Question.

In this past year, I’ve discovered the joy and inspiration that comes from making connections with other bloggers as well as followers.  There have been three blogger meet-ups that I’ve attended so far and another is on the calendar for October.  Have you seen my Wall Of Fame page yet?

As a blogger and a numbers nerd, I’m frequently checking on my stats. Interestingly, the three posts published in the last year that have gotten the most views are 1) DIY: Retirement Survival Kit, 2) In Real Life: 25th Wedding Anniversary, and 3) Thrifting Overload.  The month with the highest number of views was September (posts 2 and 3 above were published that month) which was when I was pushing hard to reach 100 posts by my birthday in October.

I’d hope to be able to reveal a new format for my blog by now but just haven’t been giving that task the effort it needs. I’ll put it on the list for this year’s birthday. Other than that, I’ve not given much thought recently to any other goals but I’m sure that I will come up with few. I’m so glad to be able to start off my blogging “new year” with so much of my personal challenges in the past.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Now, onto the Fine-Whatever link up for this week. The featured contributor for last week’s link up is Suzy at Suzy Turner. On her lifestyle blog, Suzy describes herself as a 40+ lifestyle blogger, author and lover of pretty things and positivity, a Hatha yoga teacher, and a bit of a shopaholic.

My original link-up theme was floral and I’ve yet to run out of inspiration. As I write this, I realize that I’m wearing another itty-bitty floral in the form of a t-shirt. What’s currently your favorite floral motif?

Let’s connect! Subscribe, tweet, follow, friend, love, pin … all options are available and waiting for you. I look forward to hearing from you. And don’t forget to add a post or two to the link up.


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22 thoughts on “Itty-Bitty Floral: Powers The Flower & Link Up”

  1. Congretulations! And for many more years blogging!! I love your jumpsuit! It took a while for me to like wide legged ones, but now I love them! Just like culottes!

  2. I love jumpsuits and yours is just perfect for the summer! THANK YOU so much for featuring me – that’s super sweet of you, Rena! I’ve just realised I’ve linked up the same post again this week DUH! Never mind!
    Have a wonderful week <3
    Suzy Turner

  3. Well, Rena, your first post-surgery post is showcasing a wonderfully beautiful and magnificently strong you! This jumpsuit is adorable and the fit is oh so flattering! Happy Blogiversary to you as well! Such a great ilestone in the blogging universe. (My second blogiversary should be in a few days actually and I would have forgotten completely if your post had not reminded me!) I hope you are doing as well as you appear in these photos, my fabulous friend!


  4. Rena, I love the jumpsuit on you and it’s great to see you up and about. You look fantastic. I have many things in my closet that are a bit too small, a bit too big or things that I might want to wear someday. I really need to go through it again and purge. I’ve been working on my style, trying to get my groove back, but some of those items are holding me back from a more minimalistic approach. Why is it so hard to let some things go?

  5. Yea Rena!!! Your post surgery debut finds you looking strong, healthy, WISER and happy to be on the mend. I know that we’ve only seen a snippet of your journey but you really did share a lot of breakthrough moments with us and that honesty is inspiring.
    I love this little print!!! I have had a couple of favorite pieces in a very similar print. I think it works well with white lacey looks like Battenburg and eyelets. Maybe a white jean jacket with some DIY? Anyway you bring a joyful heart to my day eith this post!!

  6. Triple congratulations!!! Yeah on post-surgery photos! I hope your recovery is continuing to go well! The jumpsuit is really cute! I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a jumpsuit, too… Finally, Happy Birthday to your blog! I’m glad your blog and connecting with fellow bloggers and followers continues to bring you joy! That’s really what it’s all about…

  7. Looking soooo good my friend! Been thinking of you and I adore the jumpsuit. You look fierce and fun all rolled into one!!

  8. Happy blog anniversary! You look great in that jumpsuit! I love the wedge shoes too. I was having problems with your site for a few days – saying domain had expired/page not found – but maybe it was just a glitch because it’s fine now 🙂

    Emma xxx

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