Thrifting Overload

Last week among the activities we enjoyed during our mini-vacay-anniversary-getaway, The Husband and I indulged in a bit of thrifting overload. I’ll be sharing more about the mini-vacay-anniversary-getaway in another upcoming post so today I’m just going to tell you about the haul I brought home from the thrift stores we visited. Along with that, I’ve restyled my newly fringed black jeans shown in Saturday’s Powers The Flower: Black And White post for a Fall look with one of the new-to-me thrifted jackets. There’s a cute story that inspired this look that I’ll tell you about in a bit.

We found the thrift stores the good old-fashioned way … Google, of course. Knowing that we’d be passing these stores on our way to our hotel, we had set aside a few hours for browsing but we underestimated the offerings we’d find. Those few hours barely allowed us enough time for the first two thrift stores much less the others that were on the list.

The first store was huge, like about four times bigger than the Goodwill Stores in my area, and the racks were well maintained. Shoes were displayed on shelves and organized by type and color (though I didn’t find any there to buy ) and other items were also organized by type and color. All items were individually tagged and many appeared to have been price reduced. I wound up buying a couple of skirts, a blouse, and a couple of jackets at this store and spent less than $20.

The second store wasn’t as big but the clothing was additional organized by size which cuts down on browsing time. While in line to pay for another skirt, the woman waiting behind us told us about a few more thrift stores in the area as well as her rating of all of the stores. The Husband got the score of the day at this store with a set of golf clubs he bought for $18 that he said were selling on a resale site for over $150.

Over the course of our three-day mini-vacay-anniversary-getaway, there were stops at eight stores in this thrifting overload venture and purchases were made at nearly all of them. Most of my haul are in the following photos.

Jackets And Tops

I have a fondness for jackets and cardigans as completer pieces so those are usually the first sections I head to in a thrift store. As you can see, I did quite well in this area.

FWE - thrifting overload 090516-1
Tweed jacket – Coldwater Creek $7.95 (similar look), sweater with detachable fur collar – no label $5.99 (similar look), striped button down blouse – Mossimo $1.59 (similar look), jacket with appliques – French Laundry $6.99 (plain denim option)

Skirts And Pants

Depending on the layout of the store, my next stop is typically at skirts followed by pants. These are the ones that made the cut from those sections.

FWE - thrifting overload 090516-2

Plum tweed skirt – Jones New York $12.95 (similar look), plaid skirt – Kenar $1.99 (similar look), black tweed skirt – Josephine Chaus $2.99 (similar look), black pencil skirt – Grace Elements $1.99 (similar)

FWE - thrifting overload 090516-3

Corduroy pants – Arizona $1.95 (similar), olive green trousers – Kasper $1.95 (similar), herringbone cropped pants – Geoffrey Beene $6.99 (similar look)

Shoes And Accessories

I finish up at shoes and other accessories. I don’t usually buy shoes in thrift stores but couldn’t pass on these barely worn cuties.

FWE - thrifting overload 090516-4

Polka dot pumps – Jessica Simpson $2.99 (cute option)

In all, the pre-tax total for these twelve items was $56.32 which averages to about $4.69 each. I also bought a Banana Republic cardigan and a pair of Lucky Brand jeans for my daughter, which happily she liked. Now onto the story I teased about earlier and it’s connection to the jacket featured in the outfit that I’m wearing.

The jacket with appliques was dubbed my ‘pumpkin patch’ jacket by The Husband as I was trying it on. Earlier that morning, as he was watching one of the local morning news shows while waiting for me to finish packing for our mini-vacay-anniversary-getaway, a new fall fashion trends segment came on which he recorded to show me. For the last trend, the special guest showed off her own outfit of fringe hem cropped jeans, pullover sweater, and ankle boots. She said that the look was a perfect for a visit to a pumpkin patch. We both chuckled at that reference. Then later in the day as I tried on the jacket, The Husband’s first comment was “it’s perfect for a visit to a pumpkin patch”. (LOL) So with a visit to a pumpkin patch in mind, it was easy to put together this outfit.

FWE - thrifting overload 090516-5

FWE - thrifting overload 090516-6

The jacket is a bit boxy and I might attempt a little nip and tuck to give it a trimmer silhouette. The applique and overstitch detail is so pretty that I don’t mind the roomier fit. And, it has pockets!

FWE - thrifting overload 090516-7

FWE - thrifting overload 090516-8

A few of the other thrifted items will be making their appearances in upcoming posts and the rest will likely show up in Instagram OOTD photos. All in all, this thrfting overload experience was a bit overwhelming and I definitely feel a bit thrifted out right now. I’m sure this feeling will pass soon enough as The Husband and I have already been talking about seeking out thrift stores in other areas.

FWE - thrifting overload 090516 final

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13 thoughts on “Thrifting Overload”

  1. I love the deals you find at the thrift stores—and it’s the best treasure hunt ever!!
    This jacket is fun and unique!
    As much as I think fit is important…I think it’s nice to have a variety in our closet. So I think how you paired this with fitted pants, makes it look great!
    ps…I actually like shoes at the thrift stores—usually they are already worn in and comfy!!

    1. Jodie, this past trip really opened my eyes to the volume of options available at thrift stores and it is a fun treasure hunt. I prefer my thrifted shoes to have had minimal wear which can be hard to find but I always look.

  2. Rena, you found so many amazing items! I am becoming quite the thrift store addict myself! I need to be careful though that I am not buying stuff just because it is so cheap. I have an ongoing list of items I want to look for on my next thrifting adventure. I especially love the herringbone cropped pants you scored and the polka dot pumps.

    Thanks for linking up On the Edge of the Week. I hope to see you again this week!


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