Wall Of Fame

Merriam-Webster’s definition of the term ~hall of fame~ is “a group of individuals in a particular category … who have been selected as particularly illustrious”.  In the case of this blog, a ~wall of fame~ has been erected to pay tribute and homage to two groups of special people, each with their own distinction.

The first group consists of the bloggers that I’ve met in real life.  More than just a hello and a handshake, I’ve had the good fortune to spend time getting to know these fabulous bloggers.  Those wonderful memories and the enduring connections continue to inspire and encourage me. I invite you to read INSERT LINK for additional background information.

In the second group are the women I’ve featured in my on-going A Woman I Know series that is published on the occasional 5th Saturday of the month.  Not themselves bloggers, these are some of the wonderful ladies I know in my real life that I thought my readers would enjoy getting to know.

The Bloggers

Michelle at Shelbee On The Edge was the very first blogger I met so she gets the prime #1 spot. She (and her friend Amy) had ventured to Los Angeles for a mini blogger meet-up that we were both planning to attend which had been organized by Anne (see blogger #2). In a happenstance manner, Michelle, Amy, and I spent an entire day together at the L.A. Fashion Mart and sightseeing before meeting up with Anne at an opening party for her Rainbow Fashion Show exhibit.

Anne at SpyGirl masterminded a blogger meet-up to coincide with the opening of her exhibition of Fashion Sketches titled Fashion Rainbow. While the turn out for the meet-up was small, the exhibit was fabulous nonetheless (seen behind us in the photo).

Diane at Fashion On The 4th Floor and I met at a blogger meet-up in Phoenix that was called “Winter In The Desert”. With our arrivals at the Phoenix airport within about 30 minutes of each other, Diane and I met up just before we were picked up by Sherry (#4) and Suzanne (#5). I don’t know who was the more excited of the two of us about meeting each other and about the weekend ahead of us.

Sherry at Petite Over 40 was the instigator, planner, and hostess extraordinaire of the “Winter In The Desert” blogger meet-up. It was her stated goal that by the end of the meet-up for everyone to feel refreshed, supported, and energized for the new year and she delivered on that and more.  I recapped this marvelous weekend in this post.

Suzanne at Suzanne Carillo hails from Canada so she has the distinction of being the first international blogger I met. Besides being a talented artist and vintage fashion lover, Suzanne has done more traveling and has had more adventures than just about anyone else that I know.

Patti at Not Dead Yet Style likely needs no introduction. She was one of the first bloggers I’d started to follow when I first launched this blog so Patti’s been one of my “celebrity crushes” for quite a while.

Who will be next?

The Women I Know

Many bloggers will publish posts that feature other bloggers and these introductions are a great way to connect with others in the blogging community.  At a time when I was rethinking the themes for my weekly link-up, I came upon the idea of featuring non-bloggers and to ask women from my non-blogging life to be the focus of these posts.  My weekly link-up has a revolving cycle of themes that coincide with the specific Saturday of the month (e.g., the theme for the first Saturday is floral) and the “A Woman I Know” posts are a fill-in theme for when there is a fifth Saturday.

Amy is a great friend and she was the perfect candidate for the inaugural post and happily, she agreed without hesitation.  She was one of the first people I told about my blog and has been so very supportive.  Read more about Amy here.

Joya is a cousin by marriage so all I can say is that I married well.  When I had drafted an initial list of women to feature in AWIK, Joya was near the top of the list because she is such an awesome person, beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside.  Read more about Joya here.

Cathy is the “bee’s knees”, a term used in describing someone who is “excellent, surpassingly wonderful, or cool”. This super COOL woman is not only an exceptional wife, mother, and friend, she also has style, a successful career outside the home, and has been a huge supporter of my blog.  Read more about Cathy here.

Bernice I’ve known my entire life because she was my mother.  Featuring her as one of my “A Woman I Know” served as a way of honoring her influences in my life as well as a vehicle for dealing with the grief of her recent passing.  Read more about Bernice here.

July 2017’s featured woman is quite a special person in my life.

October 2017’s featured woman is still to be determined. Please say yes if I ask.