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There are few better reasons for getting dolled up “party girl” style than for celebrating the 50th birthday of a dear friend. Especially since this dear friend was featured in A Woman I Know: Amy, my inaugural post of that on-going series. The party was actually a 2-for-1 because there were two birthday girls, Amy and her long time friend Karen. With both Amy and Karen turning 50 so close together, they had decided a while ago to have a combined celebration. I will share more on the details of the party in a bit.


You know how sometimes you get an invitation to a party and you’re not sure about the dress code? That wasn’t the case for this party girl because the invitation to Amy and Karen’s shindig was very specific – cocktail attire with an emphatic request for black and/or white only. It certainly makes choosing what to wear a little easier when there are guidelines to follow.

After contemplating all of the options in my wardrobe, these beauties became my inspiration pieces. A black and white statement necklace that I bought recently on Poshmark (that’s the link to my closet) and a black sequined jacket I snapped up not too long ago at a local thrift store.


The next selection was my midi-length black tulle with satin ribbon skirt seen previously with a bomber jacket and styled for a wedding. At this point, I was left to decide on footwear and a top. I wound up with two looks that you see below and found it a little hard to settle on a final choice between them. It was The Husband’s opinion that swayed my decision. Care to take a guess as to what he said about one of these two looks? I’ll give you a hint … he used the “f” word.

A recent “borrowed from the boys” series collaboration between Jodie’s Touch of Style and Sheela Writes had me first thinking that I would wear my boyfriend style white button-down shirt (a la Sharon Stone at the 1998 Oscars) although buttoned up with my necklace around the collar which I had pulled up around my jaw. It worked in concept but I’m not fond of sleeves under sleeves (too much bulk) and on me, the shirt alone didn’t look good either. Unfortunately, we didn’t take any pictures of this look.

Wanting to stick with a white high collared top, I tried a sleeveless one I have that has pin-tuck pleats and to finish off the “borrowed from the boys” style, I grabbed a pair of highly polished brogues. At the last minute before these photos were taken, I swapped out the tulle skirt for a shorter lace pencil skirt, untucked the top, and added a belt which created a peplum effect.


Jacket – Forever 21, thrifted (similar option 1, option 2); Top – Gap, old (similar look); Skirt – Ann Taylor, thrifted (similar option 1, option 2); Brogues – Aldo, exact; Necklace – no label, Poshmark

I liked the look but something just didn’t seem right about it on me so I went back to the original skirt and tried it with a black lace camisole and peep-toe pumps. This is much more a “party girl” than a “borrowed from the boys” look I had originally wanted to create.


Skirt – no label, thrifted (similar option 1, option 2); Lace camisole – Banana Republic, old (similar look); Peep-toe pumps – Marc Fisher, old (similar look, option with embellishments); Purse – WHBM Outlet, old (similar RM option, less pricey option)

As you saw in the photo of Amy and me, I opted for the party girl look but I did bring the brogues with as well to change into when my feet really started to hurt (which they did about half way through). While I wasn’t as thrilled with the all black look, I knew that it was more flattering for my figure and height. And the ‘f’ word The Husband used to convince me? He said the look with the white top and brogues made me look frumpy. Fine, whatever.

The outfit photos above were taken on the day of the party late in the afternoon after The Husband and I had been out and about running errands. I tell you this because I hadn’t yet done up my hair as you see it in the feature photo or the ones at the party itself. Amy (remember she’s also my hairdresser) has been bugging me forever to wear my hair in a half-up style so I thought I’d do so for the party. She noticed my efforts right away and even asked if I did it for her.
Now for some details on the party. Remember the black and/or white cocktail attire dress code instructions from the invitation? Everyone complied which made it a whole lot easier to spot the birthday girls as they were the only ones in red. How clever was that!



The Husband went along with the program going with an all black ensemble and our daughter sported a black and white striped dress. Even my sister and brother-in-law followed the directions but they would only consent to showing off their footwear which I thought were pretty fine.



The party was held at a country club and there was lots of “eat, drink, and be merry” going on. A few hours into the party, representatives from the local police and fire departments stopped by because of noise complaints and concerns of occupancy violations. Apparently, as the guests of honor, Amy and Karen were required to address the situation.  This bit of entertainment for all had been arranged by Amy’s husband.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Now, onto the Fine-Whatever link up for this week. My featured contributor from last week’s post is Lily at Fun Fierce Fabulous Beauty Over 50 who’s blog features beauty and product reviews with a focus on lifestyle and anti-aging. The patchwork boots and purse she is wearing in her link up post are fabulous and a perfect example of how fashion styles recycle time and time again.


Do you feel about dress attire suggestions that are included in an invitation?  What’s your approach to putting together a look for a special occasion?  Are you a fan of the “borrowing from the boys” style or do you prefer a “party girl” look?


Let’s connect! Subscribe, tweet, follow, friend, love, pin, stumble … all options are available and waiting for you. I look forward to hearing from you. And don’t forget to add a post or two to the link up.


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45 thoughts on “Party Girl: In Real Life & Link Up”

  1. Looks like such a fun time! I like both your outfits, but think I tend to be more party girl for dress up and borrow from the boys for casual. Thanks for the link up!

  2. Hey, Rena, good one with the “f” word teaser! Not at all where my mind was going. Hahaha! I love both outfits, but the one you chose was definitely more cocktail party-girl-ish! You look fabulous! And what a fun celebration. I am now getting ideas for a big shindig when I turn 50! (That’s not for 8 more years, but it’s never too early to start planning a huge bash!)


  3. Thank you so much for featuring me! I’ve been under the weather all week so I didn’t get a chance to get out and do an outfit photo to post, due to my chemo schedule and being tired, I can only take them on Wednesdays, its when i’m feeling my best!

  4. How fabulous that Sheela & I got you thinking about what’s in your closet and how to wear it!! Thanks so much for the shout out Rena!!
    I love the sequin jacket—that could totally be a versatile piece now that I think differently about sequins!! (I used to only think they were for dress up—silly me!!)
    What a fun party!!

    1. The collaborations between you and Sheela have been great and I’m only too glad to add some small bit of publicity to your efforts. I’m glad you liked the jacket and my spin with it.

    1. Thanks for the outfit love. Having the attire instructions did make it a lot easier to narrow down the options but the final choice was still difficult to get to.

  5. it looked like you had a good time! In certain situations, I like a suggestion for party attire. The fact that it was black and white made it easier to choose an outfit, I would think. Love your curly hair up too, and both outfits were pretty. Love the sequined jacket for sparkle and smart to bring your brogues for a fun look and easier on the feet. You looked great. and I was laughing at the guy in the knee pads in the left pic!

    1. Jess, thanks for the hairdo love. I’ve been torn between liking it and thinking that it’s a dated look. The brogues were most definitely more comfortable and I was very glad to have brought them with me. The strippers were quite the hit of the party.

    1. Patti, I owe you the credit for buying the sequined jacket in the first place. It was your post about a similar find at a thrift store than inspired me to buy it but I had not yet worn it.

  6. Oh, this looks and sounds like a marvelous evening! Your sequined bomber jacket is fantastic. I know you were disappointed the borrowed from the boys look didn’t work out, but you look great in the all black ensemble.

    1. Jennie, it is disappointing when a concept doesn’t work out and sometimes you have to go with Plan B. Thanks for the sympathy and for the compliment.

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