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The outfit for this week’s Powers the Flower link up post is a variation of the outfit I wore in Daytime Wedding In The Fall which, as you can tell by the title, was also worn to a wedding. I really liked the floral/lace/pearls combo look that first time and since there wouldn’t be anyone at this wedding had been at the other one (except The Husband), no one would be the wiser that I was repeating myself (except those of you who read my blog).

Initially, I thought I might wear an LBD with the pearls and the sweater but after trying out the outfit, the dress seemed a little too short and I knew that I would have felt self-conscious wearing it. As I considered the other options in my wardrobe, I spied the skirt I had worn with my Halloween costume and had intended to wear to a December holiday party until I bought the Sequin skirt. As I looked the skirt over, I knew that I had the perfect match for my lovely floral sweater. In my first ‘outfit’ try with the skirt, I grabbed a black lace cami which kind of made the ensemble look like an LBD. It looked ok but it didn’t thrill me. Then I thought to go back to the look of the original outfit and I had the basics for this outfit.

FWE - repeat I do 022516-1

FWE - repeat I do 022516-2

I love the multi-directional effect of the ribbon on tulle overskirt, the midi length, and that I bought it at a thrift store for less than $5. Unlike the wedding I had attended last Fall, this more recent wedding was a late afternoon/early evening affair and in a more formal setting so, by swapping out the jogger silhouette pants for the skirt, I transformed the outfit from one for daytime to one for evening. I added a narrow black belt which helped to ‘connect’ the lace top to the skirt and add to the retro feel of the outfit.

FWE - repeat I do 022516-3

FWE - repeat I do 022516-4

This time around, I wore a cami in the same color as the top underneath it and it’s the lace edging of the cami that can be seen below the hem of the top. I also swapped out the several strands of pearls and instead I choose a burnished gold chain necklace with pearl beads which kept the outfit from looking too sweet as did the sandals. I debated between these and my peep-toe black pumps (which also looked good) but decided again to go with edginess to offset some of the sweet.

FWE - repeat I do 022516-7

FWE - repeat I do 022516-6

FWE - repeat I do 022516-5

As for the wedding, The Husband and I know the bride. Her parents and grandparents are/were long time friends of The Husband’s (as in my husband) parents and grandparents. It was a beautiful ceremony, held in the temple that the bride’s grandparents had helped to establish over 60 years ago. The bride was gorgeous and the decor was so lovely. Most of the attendees were dressed up, wearing a range of colors, and a variety of hemlines. A nice change of pace for someone who doesn’t get many chances to be a part of this type of affair. Here are a few pics.

FWE - repeat I do B&G

FWE - repeat I do center

FWE - repeat I do cake

And last, but not least, I want to thank those of you who have posted on previous link ups and share two of my favorite looks from the ones posted this past week. The contributor on the left is Sheela at sheelagoh.com and Jodie at jtouchofstyle.com is on the right. Thank you, ladies, for the inspirations.

sheela -sunnyside up jodies touch of style

Have you been to a wedding recently? Did you bring your own flowers with you or were you hoping to catch the bouquet? Why not add a post or two to my Powers the Flower link up? Just click on the little froggy to see the links added by other contributors and to add your own.

15 thoughts on “A Wedding In Winter & Link Up”

    1. Thank you. This cardi is one of my favorites. The mention of you and your blog was in the post previous to this one, 9 Ways To Survive The Heat In Winter.

  1. Rena….Thanks so much for featuring my outfit..what a fabulous surprise!!
    Funny you posted about a wedding, because I was just putting our pictures together for a spring wedding series!! I really love your look—that skirt so perfect and only $5—-score!!
    Thanks for hosting!! jodie

  2. Thank you ever so much, Rena, for showcasing my sunny side up 🙂 out of everything I’ve worn across the past year, I can safely say this is the one look which has made me feel the most happy and carefree. To the point of hanging from a tree, apparently.

    And how lovely you look in your outfit. It’s sweet without being saccharine, and very feminine sans the girly. I’m with you, I adore a good lacey skirt xoxo

    1. Congratulations. The link up with this post is closed but I have another one active this week so I hope you’ll add your post to it. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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