Gray And Brown: Color My World & Link Up

If I had tried a little harder, I could’ve come up with poetic names for the colors gray and brown but I didn’t so I’m sticking with these basics. And on the subject of trying harder, I forgot that the photos for this post needed to be done last weekend. I’m lucky that my photographer is a nice guy and suggested that we do the shoot early one morning before I leave for work. So here I am, in gray and brown on an early weekday morning, fresh and ready to take on my one hour commute. Fine, whatever.


There is no specific inspiration for this color combo other than an attempt to avoid black. I have and wear a lot of black but I’ve already used it twice in the Color My World theme and I feel a need to explore other possibilities. I decided on brown first and in my opinion, brown can be as versatile a neutral as black and gray. My preference is for a deep rich hue as opposed to lighter shades but it’s not always in fashion (which means that there’s not a lot shown in the stores).


As I was pulling together this outfit, I remembered a style feature in one of my magazines from a few months ago which suggested that color matching one’s coat and boots would be an “in look” for the upcoming season. Ok, since I have brown boots and a brown coat, I had the start of my look but now, what do I wear with it? Considering my options and colors to pair with brown, I opted to go with another neutral and WHA LA, the pairing of gray and brown was born.


This soft grey dress seemed like the perfect foil for the dark brown boots and coat. Notice the bottom? Yup, another hankerchief hem. I went with brown tights to visually lengthen my legs and perhaps give the illusion of OTK boots. These stacked heel stovepipe style boots are many years old and the shaft is a mix of leather and corduroy.



My jacquard scarf, a bargain after-Christmas find last year, adds a bit of brightness and color with its mosaic of mauves, peach, and beige. Besides the discounted price, it’s also a “2-for-1” because one side has a primarily dark background and the other side is primarily light so it’s like having two scarfs for the price of one.




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Let’s Wrap This Up

Now, onto the Fine-Whatever link up for this week. My featured contributor is Maggie at Thrift Shop Fashionista who enjoys sharing her finds in thrift shopping and invites her readers to join her in her frugal fashion journey. Her post on The Joy Of Color is very seasonally appropriate.


What color combos are you favoring these days? Do you tend to stick with a tried-and-true or do you try to mix it up and dabble with the unexpected? How do the season and diminishing daylight hours affect your color choices?


Let’s connect! Subscribe, tweet, follow, friend, love, pin, stumble … all options are available and waiting for you. I look forward to hearing from you. And don’t forget to add a post or two to the link up.


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23 thoughts on “Gray And Brown: Color My World & Link Up”

  1. I. Love. Your. Boots. I really really REALLY love your boots, Rena. Why oh why did you have to show them to me? For I now feel compelled to hunt until I find a similar pairing of textures!! 😛

    Honestly? I’ve never even considered pairing grey with brown, for no other reason save that I’m always stuck in my “go-to” sartorial choices. Meaning grey with burgundy or with yellow or with pink or, on occasion, with olive green. You’ve piqued my interest, friend, that you have. I am now going to attempt brown with grey, and see what transpires xoxo

    1. Thanks for the boot love, Sheela. I’m surprised to hear that there is a style of shoe or boots that you don’t have. I know that your take on gray and brown is going to be awesome.

    1. I’m glad you liked matching boots and coat idea, Andrea. Sometimes matching is fun, just as a monochromatic outfit can be a nice change if one usually mixes up a lot of colors.

  2. I love the pairing of grey and brown. Two neutrals that really look lovely together. grey and taupe another favorite. I love those boots and how your added color with your pretty scarf. You must be up early with these pics! Daylight savings just means I have to get pics a bit early.
    have a Happy Thanksgiving, Rena thanks for linking to TUrning heads tuesday!
    jess xx

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