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The photos for this post were a little rushed and not because we were shooed away by security like last week. Well, then, what’s the hurry you ask? Where’s the fire? And that was exactly the problem, there was a fire. The complex we live in backs up to a state park and as we were taking pictures, we started to smell a fire burning and then saw smoke drifting down from the hillside. Fortunately, the fire department was quick to respond with several trucks and helicopters and the fire was quickly contained to about 2 acres with no damage to any structures.

With all that activity going on, we were a bit distracted during the shoot so my choices of photos for this post were thin. There is a blogger I follow who features at least one item from Target in every one of her posts. Katie has even named her blog Style On Target, which is obviously the inspiration for the title of this post. You should check out her blog if you are not already a follower.

Like Katie, I buy a lot of my clothing at Target, especially cardigans. I have at least a dozen from Target currently and there are many others that have come and gone. Every season or so, Target puts out a new collection and there are always so many lovely patterns or ones with embellishments from which to choose. The cardi in these photos was first on the shelves a couple of months ago.

FWE - ptf 042116-1

FWE - ptf 042116-2

The floral pattern and cheerful bright colors first caught my attention and I was so happy to find that it had a crew neckline. Personally, I prefer a crew neckline for my button up sweaters as opposed to a V-neck. I think that the long vertical line of the front edges of a cardigan visually lengthen me and help to de-emphasize my chest.

FWE - ptf 042116-3

FWE - ptf 042116-4

I also buy a lot of my clothes at Kohl’s. This top with its lovely edging detail was a recent purchase and a perfect companion for many of my cardigans. You’ll probably be seeing me wearing this top often as the weather really starts to heat up. Can you guess where I bought these olive skinnies? I bet you can’t.

FWE - ptf 042116-5

I found them at Costco. I already had the same pants in black and when I saw them in olive on my last visit, I didn’t hesitate to snap them up. And I’m feeling so trendy with my lace-up flats. I’m a little worried about the light color and them getting stained but I sprayed a ton of protectant on them so I should be covered.

FWE - ptf 042116-6

Since I work full-time in an office setting, I try to buy pieces that can do double-duty and be adaptable to both work or fun. In the photo above, I’ve done just that. By switching out the top for a front button blouse, the lace-ups for T-strap pumps, and unrolling the cuffs, I have a work appropriate outfit using the same sweater and pants as in the previous photos.

FWE - ptf 042116-10

A sampling of my Target sweater collection and evidence of my addiction. You’ll find sweaters from Macy’s, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and New York & Co in my closet as well.

Now, onto the Powers The Flower link up for this week. My featured contributor from last week’s link up is Osy from Style Diary By Osy. I have a soft spot in my heart for floral and lace (remember seeing it here and here?) and Osy’s brightly colored skirt looks fabulous with the lace top.

FWE - ptf 042116 contributor

What’s your fashion addiction? Like me, are you eagerly anticipating Target’s next sweater collection? I hope there’s a floral pattern or two in it.

FWE - ptf 042116-7

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34 thoughts on “Florals On Target & Weekly Link Up”

    1. It was a huge relief that the fire did not get out of control. I would hate to lose my lovely cardigans. Thanks for commenting.

  1. Well Rena it looks like you might need an intervention…ha ha (like I can talk)! Target’s so great in the fact that they have such fashionable items for such little prices!! The only way I keep myself from going crazy in the store is to not go in the first place!!!
    Love the cardi you’re wearing—it has the best colors in it!!
    thanks for hosting

    1. There are times that I too think I might need a fashion intervention especially when it comes to Target. I’m glad you like the cardi as much as I do. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Such a pretty cardigan. I need a few more floral ones. I just started buying some cardigans from Target. Between the floral laceup flats, that cute laser-cut top and laceup flats you are so on trend and stylish. We are both wearing white/ivory with olive and neutral laceup flats today, too. =) Thanks for hosting, Rena.

    1. I’m so glad that Target revamped itself a couple of years ago and upped its game on clothing. The sweaters are my favorite and I’m always looking to see if there are new ones. Trends like floral and lace-ups are great because they’re so easily adapted to most situations and styles.

  3. Rena! Thanks so much for the shout out (you’re so sweet), and I’m so glad your fire was contained quickly!

    And in terms of your outfit, you’ve completely changed my opinion on lace-up flats! They work perfectly with this outfit! And that cardigan! So lovely and perfect for spring! And we all know, I can’t resist a good Target find!

    Keep up the great looks!


    Katie @ Style On Target

    1. I do love my cardis. It is a challenge to find a location that fits and has the right light. We’ll see how it goes next time.

    1. Thank you for the compliment and fortunately, more recent photo shoots have been less eventful. Those rings are very pretty and I’ve already posted with your link-up.

  4. I just found your blog today and it will become one of my go-to blogs. I have that sweater and very similar pants but I am crushing on your top and would love to get one to complete my look. Do you happen to know what brand it is? Thanks for the lovely inspiration!

    1. Welcome to the blog and thank you so much for commenting. I got the top at Kohl’s and it’s from the Lauren Conrad line.

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