Striped Shirt And Jeans: Up Down All-Around & Link Up

Featuring a striped shirt and jeans for this month’s Up Down All-Around is much like when I featured the pairing of a black jacket and a pair of leopard cropped pants back in February in this post. I could’ve easily just featured the striped shirt and shown how it could be worn for work, for play, and for fun but I was intrigued by the idea of pairing it with jeans for each of these looks. Initially, I’d planned to wear the same pair of jeans in each outfit but instead, I settled on switching them and showing a different style in each look.

Dressed Up For Work

In Up Down All-Around, I usually share my work look first so that’s what you see in this first set of photos. In this look, I opted for my flare crop jeans (a thrift store find last year), a lightweight tweed jacket, and a pair of loafer pumps. I also wore a belt over the shirt to add a little structure and formality to the outfit.

The block-heel loafer pump takes the best elements of a loafer and a pump to make for stylish and comfortable footwear. Even in the most casual of office dress codes, a darker color of denim looks a bit more serious and dare I say, professional. Also, this pair of jeans doesn’t have any marks of destruction.

My moc-croc embossed purse can substitute for a work tote and highlights my favorite color combo of blue and black. It also adds another element of structure to this less formal office look.

Jacket – Nic+Zoe (exact, but limited sizes, similar look)
Striped Shirt – A New Day (exact)
Flare Crop Jeans – Loft, thrifted (similar look, another option)
Loafer Pumps – Vince Camuto (similar look, another option)
Purse – NY&CO, old (similar look, another option)

Dressed For Play

I’ve gone with denim & denim for this ultra casual, knock around town look. The jeans in this outfit are ankle length and both they and the vest have a couple of spots of “destruction”. To add some visual interest, I’ve added some animal print in my purse and shoes.

The zebra print mini-crossbody purse was a thrift store find and I’ll be sharing more about my newfound fondness for these bags in next week’s Accessory To Style post. How about the leopard print sneakers with the rose decals? They were a gift from one of the ladies I got together with in Seattle last week for a blogger meet-up. There’ll be more on all of that fun and merriment in an upcoming post.

Dressed For Fun

Given the time of year, I decided that this jacket would be perfect for a look aimed at fun. I bought it several years ago because I just couldn’t pass it up (and it had been marked down to practically nothing). From the front, it may look like a fairly ordinary black denim jacket but wait until you see the back.

I’m not normally a skull and crossbones kind of gal but once a year, this jacket will make an appearance. And even though it may be an one-trick pony, there will always be a spot in my closet for this jacket.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Now, onto the Fine-Whatever link up for this week. My featured contributor from last week’s link up is Stefanie from the blog The Style Safari. Stefanie says that she started her blog as a fun way to document her travels and create a place where she could share her passion for personal and interior style.

These “3 looks” posts are my favorite to do because I rarely buy something without thinking about the variety of ways and occasions I will wear it. Whether it’s an investment piece or a fast-fashion item, I think that personal style is about how you mix an item into your current wardrobe and adapt it to your lifestyle. There are more ideas for a striped shirt and jeans combination swirling in the gray matter so don’t be surprised if you see it again sometime soon in another post.

Let’s connect! Subscribe, tweet, follow, friend, love, pin … all options are available and waiting for you. I look forward to hearing from you. And don’t forget to add a post or two to the link up.


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17 thoughts on “Striped Shirt And Jeans: Up Down All-Around & Link Up”

  1. Rena, you are so adorable! I am loving that work outfit so much! The stacked loafer with the cropped flare denim are perfect. Then those super cute leopard sneakers. Oh my, they are great! Get to your last outfit and you pull out all the sass with that skull on the back of your jacket! How fabulous is that! I love it all.


  2. Moving weeks are chock full of frenzy, excitement, exhaustion and finding what transitions from the old to the new. Sorry to comment so late.
    These are some creative and just plain fun looks Rena. I love the tweedy little coat. I’ve always had a thing for tweed and there’s just something SO traditional about a this fabric. I also like the vest look. The leopard sneaks and zebra purse are just funky, cool and trendy. The skull jacket is too much FUN!!! HEY! You could wear this for an Hispanic Day of the Dead celebration as well as during Halloween month!

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