Last Week, This Week: Variations On A Theme – October 9-13

Last Week This Week is a look back on what I actually wore last Monday thru Friday as long as it was a workday. I’ve included a brief description of each outfit and if I wore it for a specific event other than a typical workday. Without a specified dress-code in my workplace, casual Friday isn’t really an official thing but I usually adhere to it nonetheless.

Let me clarify … unless you’ve declared yourself to be retired, anything you do during daylight hours (and sometimes nighttime ones as well) whether or not you get paid for it, I consider that to be your “work” and you should/can be dressed accordingly. And even if you are retired, in whatever manner you’ve enjoyed your day is good enough for me. I’m inspired by the creativity I see shared on so many blogs and Instagram accounts.


It was only a four-day workweek for me because Wednesday was my birthday (did you catch my October: In The Pink And Good To Go post) and I nearly always take that day off on vacation. My back-to-work Monday outfit started with my shoes which are an old favorite pair of brown t-strap pumps.  With them, I went with an old favorite cardigan, an easy-fitting top, and my olive cropped trousers.


As I was getting dressed that morning, I first decided on my gingham cardigan and then just went with the outfit I’d put together for one of my color combo posts, Wildberry & Camomile: Color My World. It wasn’t until later in the evening as I was getting undressed that I realized that the basic components of that day’s outfit and Monday’s had been the same; cardigan, easy-fitting top, cropped trousers, and t-strap pumps. It seemed like a patterned had been established, variations on a theme if you will, so I figured that I would see if I could continue with it on Thursday and Friday.


With this look, I stepped away from the light-colored top and the pumps are just of the MaryJane variety (not a t-strap) but the general silhouette is still the same.


My flare cropped jeans get “workified” with the same treatment of a cardigan, an easy-fitting top, and t-strap pumps. These two-tone beauties never fail to garner a few compliments when I wear them.  In all four looks I’ve also opted for a long pendant style necklace as I like how they add a subtle vertical line that visually slims and lengthens my torso.

And there you have it, a look back at what I wore to work last week. I expect that in future posts there will be repeat wearings of some of these outfits or a mix and match of the pieces. If you missed the post where I explain the reasons behind this new weekly feature (minus the link up), you can read about it here.

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4 thoughts on “Last Week, This Week: Variations On A Theme – October 9-13”

  1. The first outfit ( my favorite)with the floral sweater is quite pretty and has a nice autumnal flavor. I think those colors are very flattering on you Rena.
    The sweet blue gingham is always such a fresh and happy look and I’m reminded of a tiny check ,gingham, seersucker, pantsuit I had as a 14 year old. It was a sophisticated outfit for touring New Orleans in the fall.
    Because Im such a lover of embroidered items , I’m also lovin that blue sweater. Uour shoes are GREAT throughout Rena

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