Kick-Off For Fall: Boots

Fall and boots go together like love and marriage, like a horse and carriage … you can’t have one without the other. That was a complete butcher of a theme song but you get the picture. If you show someone a picture of a pair of boots, a sweater, or a bowl of soup, 9 times out of 10 they will think of Fall (or Winter, I guess). Anyways, two weeks ago I shared about my pre-pre-season Fall footwear purchases in Purchase More Shoes: Fall Preview and in that post, I had featured a look for the loafers. In today’s post, I’ve got looks put together for the three pairs of boots.

Photo shoots this time of year can be a bit tricky because it’s still so dang hot outside and high temps can be a bit uncomfortable in sweaters and boots. In seeking a spot that would be in a shady locale and would be a nice backdrop for the photos and would provide a place for me to change that wasn’t a public restroom, I prevailed upon my sister and brother-in-law to use their backyard. We even got one of their dogs to joy in on the fun.


This first outfit is for the low heel black boots in which I’ve paired up my cropped loden pants (first seen in Color My World: Loden and Teal) with a black and white marl cardigan I bought last Fall. Rather than wear the cardigan open and loose, I opted to add a leather belt and rather than a necklace, I took a paisley print infinity scarf and tied it like a neckerchief.




Cardigan – Old Navy, last Fall (similar look, another option); Cropped pants – Kasper, thrifted (similar look, another option); Boots – Halogen, Nordstrom’s Rack (similar, another option); Scarf – Charming Charlie, gift from daughter (similar look)

Besides the dogs, my sister, and her husband, I also had my niece in the audience for this shoot. When I came out of the house in this next outfit, it was their collective opinion that the look had a 70’s vibe. I thought it was a bit country western like with the tan booties, fringed jeans (check out my DIY Project post), and embroidered edged top but they saw it differently. No matter, art can be interpreted many different ways.




Cardigan – Loft Outlet, not sold on-line (pretty option, another choice); Jeans – Old Navy, pre-DIY (similar look); Top – Lauren Conrad, old (cute option); Boots – Guess, DSW (very similar)

When I say that we prevailed upon my sister and brother-in-law for the photo shoot location, we also crashed on their “relaxing by the pool and drinking wine” happy hour. Wine on a Sunday afternoon is always a given at their house and it does help to make for a more relaxed look in the photos. I’m super excited about these OTK boots and I love the way they looked paired with a skirt. I bought this knit skirt back in April so I only got to wear it once or twice before the weather got too warm and it’s definitely going to be on repeat this season. When my niece saw the boots, she said that she had a very similar pair but in purple. She didn’t have them with her at the time otherwise there would’ve been a photo of us twinning.




Skirt – Anthropologie, last season (similar look, another option); Denim jacket – live-a-little, thrifted (similar look, another option); Top – H&M, old (cute option, another choice); Boots – Steve Madden, DSW (similar look)

Did you notice the two football references? Rather unintentionally, I used kick-off in the title and pre-season in the first paragraph. For me, the only good thing about football is Quarterback Crunch at Baskin Robbins (it’s a seasonal flavor) and the Superbowl commercials. The Husband, however, is a sports nut and now with the Rams back in Los Angeles, he’s got a home team to root for as well. How does this relate to boots? It doesn’t really except that I get more uninterrupted time on Sundays this time of year to do blogging stuff while The Husband is watching the games.


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27 thoughts on “Kick-Off For Fall: Boots”

  1. I really like the outfits you put together! My favourite is the frayed jeans but all work for me. I’m not a fan of cold weather but this takes the edge off!

    1. Thank you, Janet. I’m glad you liked the outfits and the frayed jeans are pretty neat, aren’t they? Why pay over $200 (I’ve seen them advertised for that much) when you can buy a thrifted pair of jeans and DIY?

    1. Would you believe that I hesitated on buying the skirt? I was afraid that the pattern was too bold but I’m glad that I didn’t pass on it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Christina.

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