Purchase More Shoes – Fall Preview

Most every fashion blogger is sharing their Fall preview of styles for the AW season so I thought I’d take a whack at it with footwear. However, in my case, each of the pairs shown in this post was purchased on clearance in Spring and in hopes that they would still be in style for AW2016. I was especially nervous about the OTK boots because they were so hot last year but I see that they are big again for this season. First, though, let me explain the feature image above.

Apparently, even though I haven’t had a period in nearly seven years, The Husband thinks that I still suffer from PMS only now that stands for Purchase More Shoes. The sign in the feature image was bought during that recent thrift shopping spree I wrote about last week. The Husband found it in one of the stores and said it would be perfect for my closet. For $2 I figured I would humor him and it’s turned out to be a great prop for this post. Besides, I do have a lot of shoes.

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you’ll remember that I bought myself a cute pair of red lace-up flats in celebration of my one-year blogaversary (you can read up on the backstory about red shoes in that post). I bought the shoes at Target and while they look like they’d be comfortable to wear all day, I found them to not be so. The inside lining and insole seem to trap heat and cause my foot to sweat which in turn creates hotspots and blisters. Also, there is not much padding in the insole so my feet get just plain achy after only a couple of hours of being out and about. I even tried adding an insert but it didn’t help much.

Over the course of the last year, I’ve come to the conclusion that my motto with footwear should be quality versus quantity which means I need to get over the sticker shock of some of the better-made lines. Fast fashion shoes are not worth the money or the discomfort. This doesn’t mean that I still shouldn’t be on the hunt for a good bargain, I just need to search more diligently and I’m up for that challenge.

Back now to the topic at hand, my fall preview of shoes that I bought in Spring. None of these have been worn yet although in this post, I’m featuring the loafers in another outfit fit for “a visit to the pumpkin patch” as The Husband called it.

OTK suede boots – Steven Madden, DSW (similar); mock croc loafers – Clarks, outlet store (similar in black); tan suede booties – Guess, DSW (similar); black leather booties – Halogen, Nordstrom Rack (similar look)

I was pretty pleased with the bargains I got at the time I bought each of these and I’m doubly pleased to see that each are still in current fashion. The regular retail price for all four pairs would have been $589 and I spent only $224 or an average of $56. Not bad for higher quality shoes when footwear at a well-known “inexpensive” chain (think BOGO) are currently priced between $45 and $59.

In gearing up for Fall, I put together this look for the loafers. Interestingly, the blouse and the cords in this outfit were both thrifted; the blouse earlier this year and the pants were bought during the recent thrift shopping spree. The denim jacket is nearly vintage as I’ve had over 20 years.




Denim jacket – Mervyn’s, old (similar look); Flared cords – Arizona Jeans (similar); Blouse – Merona (similar)

This outfit could easily be worn in reverse with an olive colored combat/military style jacket and denim jeans but I’ve been looking high and low for color options for casual pants and I’m glad I found these olive cords. Looking for accessories, I usually prefer a pendant necklace but I find that they often mess up the lay of a collar. When I spied this beaded necklace in my stash, I thought I’d give the “short necklace under the collar” look a try.



There you have it, a lesson learned on the value of quality versus quantity, my spin on a fall preview of footwear fashions for AW2016, and an another outfit for me to wear when I visit a pumpkin patch. When do you stand on the issue of quality versus quantity with regards to footwear? Do you also suffer from PMS? And more importantly, how often am I going to be visiting a pumpkin patch this Fall?


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10 thoughts on “Purchase More Shoes – Fall Preview”

    1. The loafers are so comfortable too. And you go right ahead and lay the blame on me … I can take the heat. Besides, you’re in another time zone. LOL

  1. First of all, I am super jealous that you have not had a period in 7 years! This perimenopausal bs is for the birds! Ugh. Second, super cute look! I love cords in the fall. They have such a retro feel to me. I have a pair of burgundy ones that I got on clearance for about $6 from Kohl’s. And I hear you on quality of shoes. At this age, I don’t have time for my feet to be hurting! Those OTK boots of yours are fabulous and I am loving your thrifted sign.

    Thanks so much for linking up with me On the Edge. I hope to see you again this week. Have a beautiful day!


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