Flowers That Bloom In Winter & Link Up

The cold of winter is definitely upon us and most flowers are not in season this time of year.  Thank heaven, we have our clothing to remind us of the pretty blooms and the warmer weather in which they flourish.  I started the Powers the Flower link up as a way to showcase how floral patterns are incorporated into our wardrobes and how appropriate they are all year long.  It seems that florals in darker and more muted tones and palettes are more popular in colder months so this week that is what I will share with you.

The silhouette of this skirt is one that is well suited for work and I love that floral print gives it a pop that a plain pencil skirt would not have. In my usual work uniform, I’ve paired the skirt with a soft knit shirt, a cardigan, and my wedges (can you see the floral cut-outs?). Patterned tights protect my legs from the cold, a faux pearl necklace adds some polish to the outfit, and the rose suede purse brings out redder tones in the skirt.

Would you believe that both the skirt and the cardigan are from Target? I’m normally picky about details in clothing like fabric content and feel, stitching around the neckline, and button plackets that lie flat, and that goes double for items that I buy at Target. Extra design elements like embellishments and eye-catching patterns are sure to get my attention and consideration. In this case, the skirt is lined (not common with inexpensive clothing) and has pockets (again, not common even in pricier lines). The cardigan has a ruffle along the front edges (on both sides) that gives it a more romantic vibe.

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How are you wearing florals this winter? Show us what you’ve got.

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