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My featured floral for this week is in my jewelry. I’ve had the necklace and ring for a number years. I will often pair them with a complementary floral print sweater or dress but, for this post, I decided to showcase them against a non-floral background and a look inspired by another blogger. With a lot of the U.S. still digging out from last weekend’s snow storm, I wanted to share a cool weather outfit even though the weather in So Cal has been nearly Spring like for the last few days.

The inspiration for the outfit came from this look shared by Jacqueline on her Petite Silver Vixen blog. She described the outfit as “gothic style, biker jacket, biker boots and a chunky knit” that she paired with a favorite maxi skirt. As a petite gal myself, I appreciate the outfits shown by others in my height range and I was especially keen on this one because I already had the major elements but had never thought to put them together the way Jacqueline had. Missing from the inspiration in my version is the foreign locale, her signature wool beret (not compatible with my hair), the scarf (I wore a necklace) and the cross body bag (I forgot to grab mine for the photos).

Although my skirt is darker than Jacqueline’s, I loved matching it with a plum sweater instead of my usual black or gray. Both the skirt and the sweater were purchased last Fall; the skirt is thrifted (the label had been removed) and the sweater is from Old Navy. The sweater is a standard fold over type turtleneck but it looked too predictable that way so I flipped it up like a funnelneck which makes it look more like a cowl. The jacket I bought two years ago at Target.


FWE - Powers the Flower 012816-1

I normally wouldn’t have bought a skirt this length for fear it would look unflattering and dowdy but, when priced at $4, it was a bargain that was hard to pass up.  And isn’t one of the great bonuses of thrift shopping that you can try a trend without spending a lot of money?  In styling this skirt, I’ve found that fit and proportions of the other elements are key to keeping the whole look out of the frump zone.  To me, the verticality of the ribbing in the sweater and stripes in the skirt add visual stretch my height (the 2″ heels help, too) and slenderizes my silhouette as well.

FWE - Powers the Flower 012816-2

FWE - Powers the Flower 012816-3

Here’s the rearview.   Although my mother disapproves of it, I am especially fond of the ‘sweater/shirt/top longer than the jacket’ look.  I also like that the directional change of the stripes on the skirt occurs in the back as well as in the front.

FWE - Powers the Flower 012816-4

Both the necklace and ring are costume but they had a touch of unexpected sparkle to an otherwise more severe outfit. I believe that it’s accents like these that really complete an outfit and make it unique.

FWE - Powers the Flower 012816-5

FWE - Powers the Flower 012816-6

At the bottom are the boots. Although they’re not biker boots as in the inspiration, these are ridiculously comfortable and are my favorite pair to wear with this skirt. I love the spats-like detailing of the fabric on the shaft, strap over the instep, and the functional zipper on the outer side.

How have you worn flowers as an accessory? Share and show your blooming jewelry or any other favorite look with the Powers the Flower link up.

12 thoughts on “Blooming Jewelry & Link Up”

  1. Thank you so much for letting me know about your post and for featuring my maxi skirt post as the inspiration for yours! Isn’t plum just a divine colour? And I love yours with your striped maxi. I love the fact we both have striped maxis, and what a bargain yours was! The jewellery you’ve chosen adds just that unusual finishing touch. Very effective
    And I’m with you – I like jumpers that go below jackets. Your Mum is outvoted!

    1. You are so welcome and I’m pleased you find the mention to be flattering as it is intended to be. Plum is a great color and is complementary to most skin tones. I’m glad you liked my version of your outfit. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  2. This is totally a look I would go for. I am so glad to find your blog. Pinned and shared. Thanks for linking up at #ThursdayFavoriteThings! I hope to see you also at #OverTheMoon.

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