An Inspired Look & Powers The Flower Link Up

My look for this week’s Powers The Flower link up was inspired by this post by MK of When I first saw her post, I knew that the look was one that I could recreate from items I already had in my wardrobe and it would give me a great outfit to feature for my link up.

The outfit is described as a green military jacket, skinny jeans, ankle boots, and floral scarf. The jacket I’ve shared before and most famously (haha) I can be seen wearing it in Jill Burgess’ Everything Just So How I Wear My: Gloves feature. I’ve worn the jeans in too many posts to mention and the booties were worn on Day 30 of my recent 31 Day Footwear Challenge. The scarf I’m wearing was an impulse buy at the end of last summer, because as I have said before, I’m a sucker for a pretty floral print. It was the colors in this print that really stood out for me, although I did have a moment’s hesitation because of the bright coral but I’m glad I worked through that dilemma and bought it anyway.

In the inspiration photos, the outfit is completed with a white T-shirt. The daily temps in So Cal are currently ranging from the upper 50’s to the mid 60’s, not exactly T-shirt weather in my opinion. I opted to use an off-white lightweight sweater so that I would be weather appropriate.

Outfit based on inspiration

Outfit based on inspiration

FWE - Powers the Flower 011416-2

FWE - Powers the Flower 011416-3

A close-up of the booties

A close-up of the booties

You’ve probably noticed that I usually include one or two ‘view of the back’ pics in my posts. Sometimes I do it because there is an interesting detail on the back of the clothing I want you to see and I think that different poses add more interest to the post. However, I mostly do it because the real world is three-dimensional and I think a blog viewer would be interested in seeing an outfit from more than just the front. I know that I am.

In preparation for this photo shoot, I thought of some variations of the outfit for both cooler and warmer weather. In warmer weather, I would definitely swap out the sweater for a T-shirt and probably wear cork or rope wedge sandals. In cooler weather, denim-on-denim came to mind but as I was pulling my jeans out of a drawer, I spied my white denim jeans and wondered how the outfit would look flipped around. With white jeans in winter being a current trend, I decided to give the look a try. I know a lot of women shy away from white in the lower half of their outfits but in the pics, I don’t see much of a difference (and I’m no ‘skinny Minnie’).

FWE - Powers the Flower 011416-5

FWE - Powers the Flower 011416-6

If you love florals as much as I do, I hope that you will share a favorite or two from your garden on the link up. And even if you don’t like florals, I invite you to post a favorite inspired look or any recent OOTD you would like to share.

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  1. Neat outfit! I especially like your boots!! I have booties on the brain lately because I haven’t worn them in years but now, would like to buy some. I would love a pair exactly like yours, actually. 🙂

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