Last Week, This Week: Truth Be Told – October 23-27

Last Week This Week is a look back on what I actually wore last Monday thru Friday as long as it was a workday. I’ve included a brief description of each outfit and if I wore it for a specific event other than a typical workday. Without a specified dress-code in my workplace, casual Friday isn’t really an official thing but I usually adhere to it nonetheless.

Let me clarify … unless you’ve declared yourself to be retired, anything you do during daylight hours (and sometimes nighttime ones as well) whether or not you get paid for it, I consider that to be your “work” and you should/can be dressed accordingly. And even if you are retired, in whatever manner you’ve enjoyed your day is good enough for me. I’m inspired by the creativity I see shared on so many blogs and Instagram accounts.


It was a full five-day workweek for me last week and then some. I’m in the midst of one of our big annual projects with deliverables due on November 1 so I’ve been putting in extra hours. With barely enough time during the day to eat and run to the bathroom, the truth is that I’d neglected to take my daily photos in the office. As a result, these were all taken over the weekend but they are truly what I wore each day.

First day out was shades of gray with my moto-style jacket and floral tee.


I believe that this outfit is the first total repeat (seen in the very first Last Week, This Week post) since I started this weekly feature. There are three reasons for that this happened. One, it’s a good outfit and worthy of repeating. Two, Tuesday was the first game in World Series so I wore blue in support of the hometown team. And lastly, I’d forgotten that it had been shared in this series until I was looking back my Instagram feed. Fine, whatever.


Another blue outfit for hometown team and it was way too hot to think about adding a sweater or jacket so I went without my usual completer piece. Perhaps my necklace could count?


My leopard crops always make me feel fierce and comfortable which I needed because it would be a long day (and night) at work.


Did you see my Blazer: Reclaim-Recycle-Reuse post? It’s hard to say which came first; the outfit idea for work or the decision to feature blazers in that latest Reclaim-Recycle-Reuse post.  Does it even matter?


Truth be told, the original options for this post’s tagline had been in reference to the recent heatwave. “Hot And Cold”, “Hot Spell”, and “Hot In The City” were in top consideration but in reality, the heat during the day doesn’t affect me much. I commute to work a car with climate control, I park in the building where I work, and I can regulate the temperature in my office. The weather, hot or cold, is the least of my concerns when decided on what I will wear to the office so when the idea for a different tagline came to mind, I jumped on it.

And there you have it, a look back at what I wore to work last week.  I expect that in future posts there will be repeat wearings of some of these outfits or a mix and match of the pieces as has already occurred. If you missed the post where I explain the reasons behind this new weekly feature (minus the link up), you can read about it here.

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4 thoughts on “Last Week, This Week: Truth Be Told – October 23-27”

  1. I’m thinkin that there are a lot of working women who are really appreciating that you’re sharing your working woman wardrobe. What a great way to get ideas and shop your own closet for your own versions of these fun andvyet professional looks. The color of that blouse you wore on Wednesday is so pretty! Seems like a periwinkle blue in the picture! I like the cut and fun sleeves on this blouse too!

  2. Lots of great looks! Monday’s is my fave with that adorable neutral colored jacket!


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