With A Side Of Gingham: Floral Trends & Link Up

In a rush, no time to waste. The game plan was to just run in, find that one thing that I’d been pining over since I first saw it, pay for said item, and get back on the road. Blinders on, locked and loaded on target (snicker), no deviations. But wait, what’s this fabulous concoction I see? A floral print, soft gingham pattern, tiers of flounce … oh my! Well, I suppose I could spare a second or two to check it out.

Such was the story behind the purchase of this floral and gingham maxi skirt and how it came to take up residence in my closet. Truthfully, I did hesitate just a bit, questioning whether the style was too young, whether the length was too long, and whether the tiers of ruffles added unnecessary attention to the width of my backside. And in reality, the answers to those questions, in no particular order, are “kind of/sort of”, “ya maybe”, and “fine, whatever”. I bought it anyway.

Gingham Skirt – (exact)

Is the style too young? I had been concerned that it was too “sweet” but I think that the muted gray of the gingham and the earthy tones in the floral print help to counterbalance that. Is the skirt too long? For the shorter than average gal, the maxi is not the most flattering length but that’s why I have footwear with heels. Do the ruffled tiers make my butt look big (oh, that’s a hard one to say out loud)? Well, it is what it is.

Denim Jacket – Merona, thrifted (similar)
Sweater – Old Navy, old (similar look)
Boots – Arturo Chang, even older (cute option)
Belt – no label, thrifted (similar look, another option)

Not even the grimaced look on The Husband’s face when I appeared ready to take these photos could diminish my delight with this skirt. While it’ll be super cute with a tee and platform sandals but for now, I’m pairing this gingham darling with a denim jacket and lace-up suede boots while the weather is still on the cool side. A lightweight pale gray sweater, leather belt, and layered bead necklace round out the ensemble.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Now, onto the Fine-Whatever link up for this week. My featured contributor from the last week’s link up is Amy, who calls herself the Stylin’ Granny Mama. Amy has just started a monthly column on her blog featuring fashion ideas and trends that she might not really buy into but is willing to try anyway. Her link-up post fits right in the Reclaim-Recycle-Reuse theme from last week because both the vest and pants are thrift store finds that she’s worked into a polished and sophisticated look.

The items may differ but who hasn’t been distracted and weaken in their resolve “to not deviate from the list” while shopping?  Despite those good intentions, there always seems to be temptations that are difficult to resist.  Maybe, it’s just meant to be.   Perhaps you’re wondering about the item I’d intended to buy in the first place during that quick stop?  Never fear, that one was purchased as well and will be featured next week.

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14 thoughts on “With A Side Of Gingham: Floral Trends & Link Up”

  1. Oh goodness Rena!! You absolutely did the right thing when you purchased this skirt. I LOVE it!! I also think that your styling of it with a classic denim jacket and those great boots is perfection! You really seem to have a knack for thrifting fabulous boots Rena. You look lovely in this outfit and ready to welcome Spring!
    I find it particularly difficult to confine my shopping intentions when I visit the retailer where you purchased this skirt so I am empathetic but also celebrating your stylish purchase my friend.

  2. Rena, my friend, this is absolutely fabulous! Too young? No way. No such thing. Too long? I don’t think so especially with those amazing boots! And your butt? Your butt is your butt and it’s a fabulous butt. Clothe it however you like! This outfit is cold weather boho perfection and I simply adore it! Well done!


  3. I think it’s absolutely the funnest to try the things that we aren’t sure about!! Too young?? Ha—never words to come out of my mouth anymore!! We are getting younger anyways, right?
    And when the hubby doesn’t like it, sometimes I think it’s only because he’s not used to it….

  4. OH, this skirt is positively adorable!!! I say if you love it, let go of those little thoughts, and just embrace it. I think it is just perfect with the denim jacket and boots. Seriously so cute!

  5. OMG Rena, this is my absolute FAVOURITE outfit I’ve seen you wear. And your hair?! WOW…. you look gorgeous! The skirt, the boots, the jacket – everything about this outfit is utter perfection. And you look very young and sprightly too. LOVE IT!!
    Suzy xx
    P.S My blog has had a re-vamp – I’d love for you to come and check it out!

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