Two Weeks Ago, This Week: Dark Florals – February 5-9

Dark florals was my prompt for my workweek outfits the week before last as you see in this second “getting caught up” Last Week, This Week post. I do so love florals whether big and bold or small and dainty, in brightly colored palettes or softly muted ones, and from garden varieties to abstract designs. A floral print can be the foundation of an ensemble or in an accent piece to add some flair.

Last Week This Week is a look back at what I actually wore last Monday thru Friday as long as it was a workday. I’ve included a brief description of each outfit and if I wore it for a specific event other than a typical workday. Without a specified dress-code in my workplace, casual Friday isn’t really an official thing but I usually adhere to it nonetheless.


The outfits for this week started off with floral print on black button front blouse that I paired with pin-stripe trousers, a moto-style jacket, and my block-heeled loafer pumps.



The panel piecing construction of this dark floral print skirt lend it a tulip-like shape that skims along my curves more so than a flared skirt would.  Repeated pieces from my previous post are my black blazer and t-strap pumps.



A floral print on a dark background nearly always seems more grounded and yet brightens up an otherwise basic black outfit.



This mixed print skirt was featured in a past Up Down All-Around post and here’s proof that I’ve actually worn it to the office and not just for fun.



I could have worn this outfit for my Shimmer And Shine week because if you look closely, you can see the sparkle in the fabric of my trainers.  I think that the idea of this outfit looked better in my mind than in reality but I was quite comfortable while wearing it, nonetheless.


And there you have it, a look back at what I wore to work two weeks ago.  How do you decide what you will wear to work? Let me clarify … unless you’ve declared yourself to be checked out from any type of routine, anything you do during daylight hours (and sometimes nighttime ones as well) whether or not you get paid for it, I consider that to be your “work” and you should/can be dressed accordingly. And even if you are retired, in whatever manner you’ve enjoyed your day is good enough for me.

I expect that in future posts there will be repeat wearings of some of the outfits shown above or a mix and match of the pieces as has already occurred. If you missed the post where I explain the reasons behind this weekly feature (minus the link up), you can read about it here. I’m inspired by the creativity I see shared on the many blogs and Instagram accounts that I follow and I hope that you’ve found some from me. Won’t you share and tell me if you have?

Let’s connect! Subscribe, tweet, follow, friend, love, pin … all options are available and waiting for you. I look forward to hearing from you. And if things stay under control, the Fine-Whatever link-up will resume this coming Saturday.


3 thoughts on “Two Weeks Ago, This Week: Dark Florals – February 5-9”

  1. That last outfit is my favorite Rena. The floral bomber is really nice and must be a versatile year- round piece in California. Those beige pumps share the same versatility attribute. Do they have a bit of a 1940’s vibe going on?? I also like the mixed print skirt with the flirty ruffle.
    I’ve just now noticed that you very much favor black, grey, white and pink/ burgundy tones. I think you’re very smart to plan your professional looks around neutrals and one or two accent colors. This makes for numerous combinations! I’m guessing this is particularly helpful when demands of your professional life become as demanding as yours have been recently.

  2. You know I love a good dark floral…always have. So I really love that you went with dark florals all week. And for some reason, I always love your Monday looks the best! But of course that is not saying that I don’t love all of your outfits. You are always spot on with your style choices, my friend! Thank you for sharing.


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