Greatest Hits Of 2017: Reclaim-Recycle-Reuse & Link Up

It may have been noticed that there has been a bit of a gap in time since my last post.  Or it wasn’t.  This time of the year can be a busy one for many of us and I think that we can become somewhat over bombarded by emails and advertisements in addition to all of the other goings on in our lives.   Some bloggers will take a break for a week or two so as to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Maybe that’s what happened for me?

There was no announced break or step back although, in hindsight, I should have learned my lesson during this past summer and done so. Back in July, I found that it took about two weeks before head cleared from the anesthesia and the pain meds following my mastectomy and reconstruction surgery so there were a few planned blog posts that were never written. I’d assumed that since gallbladder surgery is much less invasive that I wouldn’t experience nearly as much downtime and that I would be able to keep up with my usual blogging schedule. Not wanting to believe that I couldn’t do it all, I’d even made sure to take photos for several blog posts just in case I didn’t feel up to taking them in the week or so following the surgery.

Sunset in Grover Beach

The surgery went fine and my recovery has gone very well. It was on a Tuesday and I was back at work the following Monday but not without some minor discomfort although each day I felt better physically than the day before. However, I found my mental energies to be tapped by the end of the day and I lacked the desire “to blog”. Adding to my mental state was the weather in SoCal which had been unseasonably warm and dry, and brushfires raging in several communities near where I live. There was also a post published by another blogger that included yet another list of other bloggers that the author thought worthy of highlighting. I have a love/hate response to those types of posts because while I applaud and cheer the recognition that the other bloggers deserve, I find myself profoundly disappointed to not be included and then start to doubt my own self-worth as a blogger.

With all of that, I decided to not push myself. Once I allowed myself to embrace the notion of taking a break, I felt better about doing so. My only regret is that I didn’t announce it and just went dark. I tried to put together a Last Week, This Week post this past Tuesday (even have the photos) but with holiday festivities there’d been little free time over the weekend and I was still too much in my mental fugue to attend to the task in the last few nights. And so just as I released myself of the guilt and decided that I would skip today’s post as well, I was struck by inspiration. Actually, the inspiration came courtesy of The Husband.

I was still debating if I would publish a post (and what it’s content would be) when he suggested doing a “look-back”. At first, I wasn’t very keen on the idea but I did find it intriguing. During this time away, even though I’ve paid less attention to my blog stats, I do know that I’ve not been forgotten. And as I look over the course of the past year, I’m fascinated by which posts have been the most popular. Given that the theme for this week is Reclaim-Recycle-Reuse, the concept of a “look-back” seems to fit quite well. I won’t bore you with a long list of my greatest hits, I’ll just highlight the top 5 published in 2017. They are;

#1 Remembering The Details: A Sum Of Parts (July 6)
#2 A Little Of This, A Little Of That: In Real Life (May 5)
#3 From Combat Boot To OTK: A Perspective On Being Ageless (January 17)
#4 Wine And Roses: Powers The Flower (February 5)
#5 Last Week, This Week: September 11-15 (September 19)


Let’s Wrap This Up

Now, onto the Fine-Whatever link up for this week. Remember just a few paragraphs back when I shared my love/hate for posts that include lists of other bloggers?  Especially those that exclude me? Call me a hypocrite, but I’ve got a list as well.  However, I made no judgment as to who would be included on this list, it was up to the bloggers (or Instagrammers as applicable) themselves.  Those that are included are contributors who have added at least one post to at least one of my weekly link-ups in this past year.   By downloading the links that were added each week and sorting through them, I’ve been able to create this list.  I also tabulated the number of link-ups each contributor participated in (‘cuz I’m a stat nerd) and I’ve highlighted the five bloggers that top the list.


Blogger # of link ups URL
Ada 24
Amanda 2
Amy 30
Amy 9
Andrea 36
Andrea 1
Ann 1
Anna 12
Anna Shirley 15
Anne 3
Ashley 1
Audrey 9
Berry 12
Bi Ti 12
Carrie 2
Charlotte 1
Cheryl 8
Cheryl 7
Chi Chi 1
Chioma 3
Christina 3
Claire 2
Colleen 2
Dawn Lucy 6
Debbie 1
Diva* 6
Edwige 36
Emma 23
Gail 4
Jacqui 5
Jane 8
Jaymie 2
Jen 12
Jen 1
Jenna 2
Jennie 27
Jess 20
Jodie 40
Joi 34
Jonet 1
Joy Marie 5
Jules 6
Julie 3
Kallie 8
Karen 1
Kelsey 2
Kim 15
Kim 2
Kimberly 7
Kristina 30
Lanae 31
Laura 1
Laurie 38
Leelo 22
Lily 19
Linda 10
Linda 7
Maggie 14
Melissa 33
Melissa 5
Michele 3
Michelle 39
Mimi 22
Miri 1
Miriam 3
Mother & Daughter* 1
Nancy 39
Neti 9
Nicole 40
Nina 2
Nistha 14
Olivia 1
Onyinye 11
Pamela 9
Pamela 1
Patti 12
Rania 16
Rosie 27
Roxanne 2
Sam 8
Sandy 6
Sarah 7
Sheela 7
Stefanie 3
Stephanie 8
Stephanie 7
Suzy 15
Suzy 3
Tianna 6
Trina 17
Yvonne 6

* actual name of blogger unknown

There’s a total of 91 link-up contributors on the list above and I want to thank each of them for their show of support. My apologies that website URLs are not active links. I’ll work on updating that and I’ll be adding this list to Wall Of Fame. An indicator if any blogger offers a link-up themselves (including the day of the week that it publishes) will be added to the list as well.

Next Saturday will be one of those occasional fifth Saturdays in a month which means that there’ll be a new installment in my A Woman I Know series. I’ve got another truly awesome woman to introduce to you and I know you’ll enjoy learning about her.

Let’s connect! Subscribe, tweet, follow, friend, love, pin … all options are available and waiting for you. I look forward to hearing from you. And don’t forget to add a post or two to the link up.


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21 thoughts on “Greatest Hits Of 2017: Reclaim-Recycle-Reuse & Link Up”

  1. I always love to look back at the year, but I’ve never done it on the blog!! What a great idea, and maybe I’ll do that next year!!!
    Enjoy the holidays, Rena!!!! I’m so glad we got to meet in person and connect!!! We are planning another trip out in March to see Lesley’s show. I’m hoping we will have time to connect again if you are around and not too busy??? We haven’t bought tickets yet, but I’ll let you know!!!

  2. I’m glad your surgery went well, Rena! Any procedure takes a lot out of you, so I’m glad you took time to catch up with yourself. I’ve so enjoyed your Last Week, This Week posts and look forward to all of your posts. I hope your holidays are wonderful!

  3. First, those boots! Rena, they are fabulous. Second, I am so glad to hear that you are recovering albeit slower than you expected. I find it gets harder and harder every time I have a procedure to mend as quickly. One of the downsides of aging, I suppose. Third, thank you for highlighting me. I appreciate all of your support as well! And I totally chuckled at your stat nerdom! It is totally you and a very endearing quality indeed. Fourth, your blog is fabulous and is included on my list of Favorite Blogs which is on my Fabulous Link Ups page. And last, keep rocking your style and sharing your thoughts. I look forward to what the new year will bring for all of us! Hugs to you, my friend!


  4. I wonder why my earlier comment on this post doesn’t show up here?
    Anyway that gives me a chance to add that the boots you’re wearing in this post are really great!! I have some that are very similar and I LOVE the colorful floral embroidery. They kick your outfit up a notch too! 🙂

  5. I have to say it did tickle me that we were mentioned even if we only linked once. I am not sure why it was only once but I am pretty sure it is because daughter and I usually don’t do fashion, we do lifestyle but thank you for the mention.

  6. Thank you so much Rena, for hosting a fun link up party each week, I know it takes an investment of time and effort and I appreciate YOU! Thank you so very much for giving my blog a shout out on your list. I a grateful for all you do. Xo Jonet

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