Last Week, This Week: The Bottom Line – November 27-December 1

Does the title of this post, The Bottom Line, infer an unintended message? I don’t wish to deceive so I will fess up early on that the reference is purely sartorial. In the case of my ensembles for last week, it’s for the highs and lows of the hemlines of various garments worn each day that I based my theme.

Last Week This Week is a look back at what I actually wore last Monday thru Friday as long as it was a workday. I’ve included a brief description of each outfit and if I wore it for a specific event other than a typical workday. Without a specified dress-code in my workplace, casual Friday isn’t really an official thing but I usually adhere to it nonetheless.

Let me clarify … unless you’ve declared yourself to be retired, anything you do during daylight hours (and sometimes nighttime ones as well) whether or not you get paid for it, I consider that to be your “work” and you should/can be dressed accordingly. And even if you are retired, in whatever manner you’ve enjoyed your day is good enough for me. I’m inspired by the creativity I see shared on the many blogs and Instagram accounts that I follow.


The weather started off on the cool side (if you consider temps in the high 60’s cool) so I jumped at the chance to wear boots and tights. Both my dress and my vest have a high/low hem.



This sweater has been in my closet for many years and I believe that it was my first venture with a curved high/low hem. I think this style has a romantic aesthetic that I adore and that its lines are slimming.



The weather had started to warm a bit so I switched up from sweaters to lighter layers and ventured into a bit of pattern mixing. The hemline of my dress is a different type of high/low, known as either handkerchief or sharkbite.



In my post from this past Saturday, Embellished Booties: Floral Trends, I shared that I’d worn my floral booties to work and this is the outfit. It’s the cardigan that meets the bottom line theme of the week.



As is my usual, in my Friday outfits I typically make an attempt at an office worthy look with denim in some form, most often jeans. My lightweight sweater with lace trimmed high/low hem is the thematic idea in this outfit.

The phrase “the bottom line” often refers to an essential or salient point, a primary or most important consideration, or more literally, the line at the bottom of a financial report that shows the net profit or loss. There isn’t much of a point or consideration for my outfits other than a desire to express myself and allow my creative juices to flow.

And there you have it, a look back at what I wore to work last week.Β  I expect that in future posts there will be repeat wearings of some of these outfits or a mix and match of the pieces as has already occurred. If you missed the post where I explain the reasons behind this new weekly feature (minus the link up), you can read about it here.

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11 thoughts on “Last Week, This Week: The Bottom Line – November 27-December 1”

  1. I immediately loved Monday’s look, both on and off the hanger! The long necklace you chose to accessorize this styling is very flattering and it’s fun to see you wear the long boots too! Then when I saw you wearing Thursday and Fridays looks I was very smitten with those cute floral booties (the way the dark red flowerin the boots picks up that same tone in your top is faboo!) and the lace “bottom line” peeking out beneath the plaid jacket. Both are great!
    Another stellar week Rena.
    I’m sending love and good wishes for your upcoming procedure. Be well my friend.

  2. My favorite outfit is Tuesdays outfit, I just love that asymmetrical sweater and the texture/lines on it. So pretty!


  3. Looking back on your outfits is a lovely way to look back on the week! πŸ™‚

    I really like your Friday outfit! I’m a little sad that I don’t work Friday any more so can’t do casual Friday – it was fun to think up new ways to wear jeans each week πŸ™‚

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and your Christmas preparation is going well. After a crazy week I managed to wrap some presents which is good.

    Away From The Blue Blog

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