Camo Skirts: Reclaim-Recycle-Reuse & Link Up

Once again, the recent warmer than usual weather in SoCal has had me changing from coats to skirts for the focus of this month’s Reclaim-Recycle-Reuse post. I’ll cover coats (pardon the pun) in another month or two but for this post, the highlight is on skirts. Specifically, a camo-ish print skirt that I acquired recently, the inspiration behind its discovery and my styling of it in these photos, and a brief discussion about the difference between current and outdated.

In Last Week, This Week: Going Wild – November 13-17, I shared about my fondness of longer length skirts and the seemingly endless supply of them that I’ve been able to find in thrift stores. One on hand, I’m happy to be able to give these items a new home but I sometimes wonder why they were donated in the first place. Perhaps, the reason is only that it no longer fit (or never did) but could it be something else? Is there hidden damage or is it awkward to wear or had it been deemed outdated by the previous owner? Such are the pitfalls of the thrift shopping.

Damages can be repaired and alterations can transform an awkward style but is there a fix for outdated? Given the love of vintage, what constitutes outdated? Who among us doesn’t fear looking outdated which as we all know, it close second to frumpy? Perhaps it’s not so much whether a fashion is current but if the item wasn’t ever a “smart style” in the first place. And if this is so, then how would we go about assessing if a thrifted item (or even a new one) is a “smart style”? It just so happens that I have a few suggestions.

In no particular order, I’d like to offer that fiber, fabrication, and features are the key components to consider whether the item is used or brand new. Shopping is an investment of both time and money, although in different proportions in thrifting than regular retail. Just because a thrifted item costs less in money, does not make it less worthy of a proper style evaluation. Fiber or material should feel good to the touch, the stitching and seams need to be well sewn, and unique features like pattern or cut will set an item apart from others.

I found this skirt a couple of months ago and it was the pattern that first caught my eye. Initially, because of the colors, I thought that it was a camo print. Given the style and length of the skirt, there was a lot of this pattern which gave me a moment of pause but something drew me to it nonetheless. On closer inspection sometime later, I realized that the pattern is really more like palm fronds but I think that it’s close enough that it could masquerade as camo hence the title.

In the past few posts, I’ve shown several skirts that were thrift store finds and it would seem that most of the skirts I’m currently wearing were thrifted. I make it a point to thoroughly peruse the skirt rack as I make my way around a thrift store so it isn’t too farfetched that I’ve amassed quite a number of them lately. At this point, I really don’t need any more of them so I’ve been trying to limit my buying to items that I would post on Poshmark. However, I expected that I would make an exception with this skirt once I figured out why I was drawn to it.

Ahhh, and just like that I figured it out. A few weeks earlier I’d seen a post that featured a camo skirt that apparently had stuck with me. The source of my inspiration was Cherie at Style Nudge. While camo jackets and pants are hugely popular and have been appearing on many blogs but I don’t think that I’d seen anyone else wearing a skirt with this pattern. I found the idea refreshing and a less than typical way to add it to an outfit.

While Cherie’s skirt is longer than mine and has multiple horizontal bands, inspiration is about influence and not just replication. I really liked the flow, drape, and movement of the skirt that seemed apparent in Cherie’s pictures which my skirt has as well.  Since I wouldn’t be able to recreate the entire look, I opted for a cable knit sweater instead of a denim jacket and boots instead of mule-style flats in my spin with a camo skirt.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Now, onto the Fine-Whatever link up for this week. My featured contributor from last week’s link up is Samantha from Fake Fabulous.  This Scottish blogger has an uncanny talent for putting together outfits that are an expression of her bright personality and imaginative creativity.  It is Samantha’s intention to encourage women to embrace individuality, have fun with fashion and keep faking their fabulousness…at ANY age!


What’s your opinion on thrift store shopping?  Are you a seasoned thrifter or does the idea of wearing someone else’s old clothes give you the heebie-jeebies?  Is it a just a passing trend for those who can afford more or is it a smart way to live “greener” and reduce one’s carbon footprint?  What are the qualities you consider whether a garment is worthy of being added to your wardrobe?


Let’s connect! Subscribe, tweet, follow, friend, love, pin … all options are available and waiting for you. I look forward to hearing from you. And don’t forget to add a post or two to the link up.


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19 thoughts on “Camo Skirts: Reclaim-Recycle-Reuse & Link Up”

  1. I love your skirt! And the boots are perfect with it. I tried thriftshopping, butbit reallyl nog for me! Unless of course I can shop in a store where Laurie,above, shopped!

  2. Really lovely skirt Rena! I frequently buy from charity shops (thrift stores) and eBay. The attraction for me is a combination of getting a great bargain as well as recycling which, in the case of charity shops is helping good causes. Searching through heaps of stuff is all part of the fun!

    Emma xxx

  3. Rena, this skirt is amazing and I would have been drawn to it as well. I love camo and I love that yours is not quite camo but from afar it does appear to be so. And how fun that you have drawn inspiration from Cherie. She is indeed quite inspirational in her style choices. I have been on the hunt for some camo booties since I saw her leopard coat and camo bootie combination a few weeks back. I am loving your outfit and your love for thrifting. I do need to get to my local thrift shop soon and see what I can dig up!


  4. It’s such a fabulous skirt, Rena!! I think because it’s longer, that it’ll be so versatile in the colder weather, because you can layer under it so nicely!!
    And you’re right —it does look like camo!! Which means everything will go with it!

  5. I always wondered that too…especially when it came to designer dresses or high end pieces…why would they get rid of them but it may be that it was too late to return and couldn’t be bothered to return or it was a family situation and the person wanted to get rid of anything that reminded them of that person…not sure..either way, aren’t we always happy to give it a new home??

  6. I really like this skirt and it absolutely has the “camo characteristics” that have been popular for so long. I like the ferny fronds and the inspiration story as well! I also love the photo of you seated with the skirt spread out to show off the pattern. Pretty woman!!
    Your questions about when an item of clothing crosses the designation of vintage and becomes frumpy is an interesting one. Your featured blogger Samantha always says that attitude is a huge measure of being able to pull off any look. I’ve seen looks in magazines that are classified as haute couture and I’ve thought they were utterly ridiculous! Fashion like all art is very subjective and ultimately very personal.

  7. I think long skirts are a great look for you. I feel I look frumpy in long skirts or maxi dresses, so I don’t wear them. I prefer everything above the knee, although occasionally I will wear a midi.

  8. I love the color combination for this time of year, and I think you’re right, I’ve hardly seen any camo looking skirts! However, I do like the camo trend right now. I’ve bought a tee shirt in camo and a utility type jacket, and I’m really liking them. Have a great weekend!

  9. Hello, I am so happy that you found my once a month (always on the 1st Friday) 2nd Loved 1st Friday Linkup because, obviously we are on the same page. I thrift for at least half of my closet anymore and try to promote slow fashion as much as i can. I will certainly check out your linkup. You are another Instagramer that I had no idea that was a blogger. I will get you on my reading list! Again, Thank you!

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