Shift Dress: Up Down All-Around & Link Up

Over time, I’ve learned that the swing style dresses that are so abundantly available at a well-known national retailer are not nearly as flattering to me as is a shift dress. While I truly adore looser and flowy styles, they tend to add unwanted extra dimension to my silhouette due to my narrowish shoulders and fuller bustline. The more figure skimming lines from a shift dress act to visual elongate and create a better balance between my height and width.

Such was my discovery with this soft, cozy, and oh-so-versatile shift dress that recently found a place in my wardrobe. I’ll be honest that with a shift dress, it can look like you’re wearing a sack unless other elements are added to accent your figure. Color, structure, and texture can all be layered in by virtue of the pieces added to an outfit. This is how personal choice can take a mass-produced garment and use it as a foundation for unique and one-of-a-kind stylings.

Dressed Up For Work

In Up Down All-Around, I usually share my work look first so that’s what you see in these first set of photos. It’s a rare occasion that I don’t include a completer piece in my outfits and that piece is typically a jacket or cardigan. For this look, I’ve opted instead for a knit vest with a curved high/low hem.  A simple pendant necklace and Mary-Jane pumps complete the look.  I would normally wear tights as well, but it was in the 90’s the day these photos were taken and I couldn’t bear the thought of the added fabric on my body.

Dressed For Play

Need a comfy and easy to move in option for the next time you go line dancing? Why not pair up your favorite shift dress and a flannel shirt? I may hail from the big city but I’m a country girl at heart (or at least for my taste in music).

Dressed For Fun

These OTK boots are also a recent addition to my wardrobe so I had to see how they looked with this dress. The choice of a chunky knit sweater may seem in opposition to my initial recommendation of adding pieces that will accent your figure but sometimes you just go with what you like. Oh and again, IRL I’ll be wearing tights with the outfit but it was just too darn hot on picture day.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Now, onto the Fine-Whatever link up for this week.  Since the link up was on a break for the last two weeks, there’s no featured contributor this time around.   This segment will be back next week and I’m looking forward to the difficult task of selecting one of all of the fabulous posts to feature.

These “3 looks” posts are my favorite to do because I rarely buy something without thinking about the variety of ways and occasions I will wear it. Whether it’s an investment piece or a fast-fashion item, I think that personal style is about how you mix an item into your current wardrobe and adapt it to your lifestyle. There are more ideas for this shift dress swirling in the gray matter so don’t be surprised if you see it again sometime soon in another post.

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34 thoughts on “Shift Dress: Up Down All-Around & Link Up”

  1. So fabulous, Rena! I am absolutely in love with the cowgirl boots! You are so adorable in that outfit! While I love a good swing dress, too, shift dresses are so very versatile for different styling methods for sure. But I agree, you do need to add certain other elements to avoid looking like a box wearing a sack (that’s what I look like, at least, in an unaccented shift dress)! Great post, my friend!


    1. Shelbee, I’m so glad you liked the options, especially the cowgirl boots. I was a little concerned that the look might be weird but it was my favorite, too.

  2. I do think that shift dresses can be oh, so versatile!! Just look at all that you can do with it!
    And as much as I love my OTK boots, I have to admit that these cowboy boots just really made this outfit so much fun and interesting!!!

  3. OK, I’m officially all grumpy. I commented on this post earlier today and it seems to have been lost, somewhere beyond our control. Oh well.
    Let me just say that I like every one of these cute shift stylings. I may be a bit partial to the classic flannel and unexpected cowboy boots. Now I know that we can play cowgirls if you ever visit me in So. Dak. 🙂
    I think you’re spot on when you say that a shift, skimming the body is ultmately a more flattering look than a swing dress silhouette.
    You look like you’re feeling well, so I’m assuming that the gall stone has remained in its neutral position. Hope it stays that way till your surgery in December my friend!

    1. I’m so sorry that you’ve run into technical difficulties. I’ve encountered those gremlins a few times myself and have found it to be quite frustrating. I’m glad you liked the outfits and I’ll be sure to bring my cowboy boots with me when I make my way to SD. So far, all has been mostly quiet with the gallbladder because I’ve been vigilant with my diet. I’m a bit nervous, though, about making thru TG dinner without overindulging.

  4. Three fun and fashionable looks! I completely agree with you about the fit and flexibility of shift dresses. I Love the look with your sweater vest and Mary Janes.

  5. I agree, a shift dress does need a little something extra! Your outfits are all SO pretty and I love how you showed the versatility. My favorite is the waterfall vest! But I also have to say that the cowboy boots give it such a fun interesting element!

    1. Thank you, Cheryl. That’s another thing that I like about doing these “3 stylings for 1 item” posts … there’s a look for nearly everyone.

  6. I totally understand your point with swing dresses, nobody wants to look bulky! This dress looks fab on you though and I love that you added an outwear. I think it creates curves we want for sure. Thank you for hosting


  7. I love your dressed for fun outfit! All of these looks really cozy and also super cute! I could definitely see myself wearing them.
    Thank you for linking up this week!

    ~xo Sheree

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