Last Week, This Week: Skirting The Issue – October 16-20

Last Week This Week is a look back on what I actually wore last Monday thru Friday as long as it was a workday. I’ve included a brief description of each outfit and if I wore it for a specific event other than a typical workday. Without a specified dress-code in my workplace, casual Friday isn’t really an official thing but I usually adhere to it nonetheless.

Let me clarify … unless you’ve declared yourself to be retired, anything you do during daylight hours (and sometimes nighttime ones as well) whether or not you get paid for it, I consider that to be your “work” and you should/can be dressed accordingly. And even if you are retired, in whatever manner you’ve enjoyed your day is good enough for me. I’m inspired by the creativity I see shared on so many blogs and Instagram accounts.


It was a full five-day workweek for me last week and like the week before, I’ve found myself following a theme with my choice of outfits. In fact, I’m kind of liking the idea of basing my weekly choices around a theme, however hairbrained it might be. Like the decision I made the weekend before last week that I would wear a skirt every day and hence the title enhancement for this post.

I tend to go with a more professional look on Mondays for no other reason than to set the tone for the week.  This is not the first time you’ve seen this little black jacket and I can guarantee it won’t be the last.  The skirt is a “new to me” thrifted find from two weeks ago and in my preferred skirt length which is knee to just below knee.


Here again is another thrifted skirt that I found about a year ago. I’ve paired up it with my daisy print cami and light-toned cardigan.


Starting with my skirt choice for the day, I thought that it might go well my leopardish print utility jacket (a find on Poshmark). The hard part was figuring out a top to tie the two pieces together. As I sorted through my options for white or beige tops, this pineapple one shimmered and sparkled at me so prettily that I couldn’t turn down the offer. Could it be the start of a new thing … on Wednesdays, we wear pineapples!?


Another “new to me” thrifted skirt bought at the same time as the red print one.


I waited all week to wear this outfit. You may recognize it as the one from my last post. I’d worn the outfit to a luncheon a week ago Sunday and it was later in the day that the photos for the crossbody purse post were taken. And again, the skirt is a “new to me” thrifted find bought a couple of weeks ago (I hit the motherlode that day).

The title was just a teaser, there is no issue that I’m skirting other than all five outfits were based on skirts. And the weather in SoCal is still warm enough that I still wear sandals and be bared legged without being out of place.  Although I would much rather be wearing boots and tights.  I often find myself amused at the catchphrases used in advertising or that some bloggers come up with for titles of their posts so I thought that I’d give it a try too.

And there you have it, a look back at what I wore to work last week.  I expect that in future posts there will be repeat wearings of some of these outfits or a mix and match of the pieces. If you missed the post where I explain the reasons behind this new weekly feature (minus the link up), you can read about it here.

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6 thoughts on “Last Week, This Week: Skirting The Issue – October 16-20”

  1. Such a fun week of cute looks Rena! I love the way you strike that very professional woman tone to start out your week and gradually loosen up as the week progresses. I don’t know why but that seems so logical and psychologically comfortable to me even after having been retired for 5 years!
    Something about the daisy top and the pineapple top were just so charming that I’m claiming those as my favorites. I’m also liking that red skirt from Monday’s look. The print has a cool retro mid century vibe that takes the curse right off the Monday back to work blues!!

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