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In last week’s link up post, I mentioned my newfound fondness for mini-crossbody purses and I’ve got three reasons for my affections. First, they’re lightweight so a mini-crossbody purses are easy on the shoulders and back. Second, they can add another pop of detail like the way a belt or jewelry does. And lastly, they minimize me as a target for an opportunity theft. In this post, I’ve got a whole boatload of them to show off and a copycat idea for styling.

How much of what you’re carrying in your purse are “just in case” items? Now consider how frequently you actually need those items? I’d been doing a bit of pondering on both of these questions each time I found myself struggling with the weight and bulkiness of my usual purse choices. Most frequently, my preference has been a shoulder bag that is large enough to hold the usual content; a wallet stuffed with credit cards and membership cards, an eyeglass case, a pill case, car key fob and another keyring, assorted lipglosses, and a number of other miscellaneous items (oh, and of course, a plus-size smartphone).

With no young children under my watch any longer, I don’t need to be ready at the moment to deal with the assortment of emergencies that can be associated with those small folk. Occasionally, when heading out for a fun event, I’d opt for a small purse and take only the basic necessities like a car key, cell phone, driver’s license, and money. A mini-crossbody offers the added convenience of being hands-free as well. More and more, I began to think that maybe it was time to reconsider all of the things that I usually carry and options for lightening my load.

Mini-Crossbody Purse – Target, no longer available (pretty option, another choice)
Denim Jacket – thrifted (similar look, another option)
Peplum Tee – Anthropologie, sold out (cute option, another choice)
Pendant Necklace – Lucky Brand (exact)
Patchework Skirt – thrifted (similar look, cute option)
Shoes – Blowfish, sold out (similar look, another option)

My thinking led me to realize that most often I already have a large “tote” with me where ever I go … my car. There had been times when I’d been shopping at a thrift store that I would opt for carrying my keys, a credit card, and my phone in my pockets and leave my purse locked in the car. Of course, this option was dependent on having pockets or asking my cargo-shorts wearing husband to hold them for me (talk about role reversal). Rather than the added bulk in my pockets, why not find a more suitable purse option? That’s when my thinking looped back around to mini-crossbody purses.

With my essentials scaled back, the basic determination on the best size for a mini-crossbody is that my plus-size smartphone will fit inside. Along with that, I’ll add a compact wallet that holds my ID and few credit cards, my car key, and the lipgloss of the day. Everything else will be in a larger purse that gets left locked in the trunk of my car. Without the added weight of my shoulder bag, it’s easier to scoop up armfuls of thrifted finds, my outfit gets an added detail, and my valuables are secured.

The photo above shows a close up of my shoes and the patchwork detailing on my skirt but did you catch the early peek at my copycat styling option? Let’s say you’ve amassed a nice collection of mini-crossbody purses but need to carry a few more items with you than will fit into one. What do you do? You grab a second one and layer it on top of the other.

It might look a little crazy (The Husband was questioning my sanity) but it could work in a pinch. Besides, it adds another detail and accent to the outfit. Number two can hold a couple of reusable shopping bags (folded of course) or a small folding umbrella if those options would be handy to have.

Cue the close-up on a few of the newly acquired mini-crossbodies recently added to my collection. All three of these beauties and the zebra print one in double-up photos are thrifted finds or second-hand buys from Poshmark.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Now, onto the Fine-Whatever link up for this week. My featured contributor from last week’s link up is Cheryl from the blog Cheryl Shops (I adore the simplicity of that). A well seasoned blogger, Cheryl says that her philosophy on style is that you should wear what makes you feel good and that true style is ageless. I like her way of thinking.

Do you have any fashion challenges? How often do you re-evaluate your usual choices? What looks have you tried that have caused you to leave your comfort zone? Does the name of this theme, Accessory To Style, sound like a who-done-it story you’d like to read?

Let’s connect! Subscribe, tweet, follow, friend, love, pin … all options are available and waiting for you. I look forward to hearing from you. And don’t forget to add a post or two to the link up.


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18 thoughts on “Crossbody Purse: Accessory To Style & Link Up”

  1. It reminds me of the question I just asked on FB about what would we be surprised that is in your purse? Because so many times I have a couple different lipsticks and why do I need more than one?
    I definitely need to lighten my load!!

  2. I totally ditch the big bag when I am kid-free! And I am kind of digging that two small crossbody look. One for wallet, keys, and phone and one for makeup essentials perhaps. It’s perfect. Except, I would be fearful that I would end up forgetting that I had two bags and would leave one behind. Yikes! Such a great look you have styled here, too, Rena. Those booties with the skirt are fantastic!


  3. I love cross body bags for all the reasons you mentioned. What I found works best for me is to keep a tote in my car filled with all my essentials, then I just throw my wallet, phone, a tube of lipstick, and some lotion in my cross body bag. Those are usually my only absolute essentials. Everything else can wait till I get back to my car!

  4. I absolutely love the picture of you doing the “wall walk” in your darling outfit and your duo of crossbody purselets! That thrifted patchwork skirt is such a simple pretty mix of feminine patterns and textures of what appears to be linen (?) and chambray and the shoes are really cute with this look.
    You hit on some real truths about our ladie culture of lugging around a ton-o-stuff in our handbags Rena. I think it’s part of our nurturing spirit of having just the thing to save the day for our loved ones, should they suddenly need a snack, a bandaide , or the kitchen sink. 🙂 Coming to terms with that is more fun when you have a little collection of alternative crossbodies!!
    I recently added a fun new crossbody from Pikes Market where I attended a blogger meet-up in Seattle. I had the best hotel roomie ever! We enjoyed many hours of braiding each others hair and sharing bits about our lives. I miss her!

  5. Layering the crossbody bags is a great idea! I’ve seen quite a few street style photos of women wearing Gucci bumbags and carrying a handbag. I nearly always carry a big bag stuffed full of things I don’t need. It’s bad for posture so I really need to size down. I love your shoes, great outfit!

    Emma xxx

  6. Fabulous multi-print skirt! You have a great collection of cross-body bags. I recently realized I do not have one single cross-body bag, as totes are my purse style of choice, but there are times a mini bag would be perfect.

  7. Great post! I know I carry to much in my purse, but it seems I need it all. iPad, iPhone, huge travel type wallet, multiple glosses and lipsticks, tons of keys…the list goes on. So, I use a larger tote. However, I love cross body bags, and I especially love your leopard bag!

  8. You own great crossbody purses! My go-to bag is a crossbody, and I love it. Plus, I love that I can’t fill it with too much “stuff” that doesn’t get cleaned out… 😉

    Thanks for the link up & have a great week!

  9. That skirt reads Fall with the fun patchwork look and I love the booties and bag, Rena. Great background and photos, too. =)

    Welcome by tomorrow and on Thursdays and linkup with me, sweet lady! Thanks, Ada. =)

  10. Hi Rena,
    Love the style of your skirt and those booties are so cute! I love grey boots . the jean jacket is classic, my mom said she finally bought one and she wears it frequently now. I am a fan of crossbody and love the idea of a mini crossbody for when you just dont need that much stuff to carry around.
    Have a great day!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  11. I love a crossbody bag. I started carrying one a few years ago. I carry a larger one most days but when traveling or shopping I have a number of small ones. Also I look for ones that have card holders in them that way I don’t need my wallet.

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