17 Challenges In ’17: Update And Moving Forward

Back in January, I kicked off my 17 Challenges in ’17 venture with a lot of self-assurance that I’d have more success with it than I did last year with my 16 Goals For 2016. I’d spent a considerable amount of time developing the plan and to me, it seemed quite doable. I created a list of challenges that one at a time, I would attempt to meet every day for three weeks and then move on to the next one. With 17 challenges times 3 weeks, there’d be one week of respite at the end of the year for reflection on how it had all gone.

It started out well and I even managed to publish progress reports on the first three challenges but I began to get discouraged by my lack of achieving the goals of the challenges and then when life got a bit complicated back in April, I just didn’t have the mental energy to focus on this venture. Now that I’m “back in action”, I thought that I might take a go at resuming the “17 Challenges In ’17” schedule.

I’m throwing these photos into the post because I have them on-hand and I didn’t have any other post planned for them. The dress is recent acquisition and when I bought it, I didn’t realize that ruffle isn’t straight across so the hemline is higher on the left side. I really like the pattern and the dress is very easy to wear but I fear that the asymmetric hemline might make look like a mistake and give the impression that the dress is poorly made. No matter, I’m keeping it and I expect it’ll appear on the blog again in the future.

Dress – Apt 9 (exact)
Jacket – Simply Vera Vera Wang, old (very similar, another option)
Shoes – Charles by Charles David, thrifted (similar look, cute option with wedge)
Purse – INC, old (similar look, another option)



Back to moving forward with the challenges. Below, you see the list of the ones I’ve set for myself for finishing out the year. These six were chosen in consideration of travel plans I have for this Fall and because I felt like they were ones I could meet.  Currently, I’m in the midst of the first one, no candy.  This may not seem like much of a challenge except I will tell you that my sweet tooth can be a relentless beast, especially during a work day when I might a bit stressed or tired from not getting enough sleep.  I’ll share more on this in the challenge wrap-up/kick off post that will come out when I start the next one.

So there you have it, my updated and moving forward 17 Challenges In ’17 plan for encouraging myself to shed bad habits and adopt better ones in the remainder of 2017. What challenges have you attempted and/or succeeded at this year? I’m starting to think about 2018 so I’m looking for suggestions for what my plan for next year might be.

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17 thoughts on “17 Challenges In ’17: Update And Moving Forward”

  1. Such a gorgeous dress and I LOVE the cut and color of those heels. I really need to up my veggies/fruit everyday! I’ve been working on it!


    1. Carrie, the shoes do seem to be a big hit. As for upping my fruits/veggies, I’m fairly good at getting the minimum 5 a day so I thought trying for 7 would help push me to the next level.

  2. I’m digging the asymmetrical shoes and dress. They are perfect together.

    I’m very bad at setting goals. Even for the day because I hate to disappoint myself! Ha!

    If my health would allow I’d like to get back to lifting some weights.


    1. Suzanne, until the comments, I hadn’t realized the common asymmetrical detailing of the dress and the shoes. I just the color of the shoes with the dress. And I get what you mean about shying away from setting goals so as not to disappoint yourself. I’m often disappointed in myself (LOL).

  3. That dress is absolute perfection with the asymmetrical line on those FABULOUS shoes!!
    Can’t help but love how the lovely Madam too Much put it!!
    You are looking so happy and refreshed Rena! I’m guessing you’re not far from full speed ahead? I suggest you go at a slightly slower contemplative pace if at all possible. Maybe savor a bit more? Perhaps you’re still in metamorphosis????

    1. Jude, thank you for the compliments. I do feel as though I’m changing, given all that has happened in the past few months. There is, of course, a greater appreciation for all things.

    1. LOL, Nancy. Your comment about chocolate reminds me of a line in the lyrics of a country song … “Chocolate is a Band-Aid, no matter what they say. Shoes don’t stretch and men don’t change”,

  4. Rena, I adore this dress. The print and the fun asymmetrical hem. And those shoes are fabulous! You look lovely in this outfit!

    I make lists (which I guess include goals or maybe just things I am trying to get done), but my lists are constantly changing and being rewritten! But as long as I feel productive during my days, then I feel pretty good.

    I hope you are enjoying the weekend.


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