Catch Up And Meet Up: In Real Life

Let’s catch up a bit since this is the first post I’ve written post surgery. Prior to surgery, I had prepared only a few posts ahead of time thinking that I’d be back at the keyboard and back to my usual schedule by last Saturday. In reality, getting back on track has been more difficult than I expected.

Rest assured, this difficulty has not been due to any complications in my recovery. Physically I’m doing quite well and my surgeon is very pleased with how I’m healing and my overall rebound. I stopped taking the prescription pain meds after 10 days but it took several more days before my head fully cleared from their effect as well as that of the general anesthesia. So, what’s been happening in the last week?

Not much of anything other than relaxing and watching a whole lot of TV, too much TV. Fine, whatever, but I have learned a lot about tiny living (and it’s not for me), mega decks, and pool construction. I came to the realization a few days ago that if I continue to treat my time off like it’s an endless vacation then I’ll never get anything done. And there is a lot I’d like to get done.

As I’ve already said, my recovery from surgery (see posts under the category of “Takes The Cake” for more details on the what and why) is going smoothly although I do still have some discomfort in all of the affected areas. It lessens each day and I’ve been able to up my daily steps to over 3,000 in the last few days. The pathology report on the removed tissue came back as hoped for with an “all clear” so no further treatment will be necessary. I will publish a wrap-up post on the topic sometime in the near future.

Originally for last Saturday’s post, it was my intent to share about the blogger meet-up weekend that I attended a few weeks ago and I’ll touch on some of the highlights now. This meet-up was organized by Catherine O’Connell in conjunction with her newly launched Fierce 50 Campaign. Homebase for it was in Redondo Beach, one of the several small cities along the coast near Los Angeles which is about an hour’s drive from my home so traveling to the meet-up was relatively easy for me.

The planned itinerary started Friday night with a launch party for the Cat & Kaehler Radio Show/Podcast which focuses on “celebrating the vitality, reinvention, and power of women in their Second Act”. Saturday morning, the group headed over to the L.A. based design studio of French Kande for a wonderful brunch and introduction to her handcrafted line of jewelry. In the late afternoon, this collective of Fierce 50 women could be seen at the water’s edge under the Hermosa Beach Pier for a group photo shoot followed by dinner at a nearby restaurant. The events of the weekend for this meet-up concluded at Chico’s in Santa Monica where we were again treated to a lovely brunch as well as shopping for an hour before the store’s regular opening time.

What I Wore

Friday night – Cat & Kaehler radio show launch party

Saturday morning – French Kande studio

Sunday morning – brunch at Chico’s

Somehow I missed on getting a photo of the outfit I wore for the photo shoot at the beach but you can see it below in the photo of me with Anne and Jodie.

Favorite Memories

Cat & Kaehler welcome at launch party

a few of the Fierce 50


the artistic vibe at French Kande studio

chatting and exploring in the studio


shoe shopping with Jodie

a near perfect Instagram wall


a selfie at the pier photo shoot

me with Anne and Jodie


hats off to the Fierce 50 Revolution

brunching at Chico’s with Catherine, Helen, and Josephine

shopping is the best way to end a blogger meet-up

There’s so much more I could tell you about the weekend, like the wonderful lunch I had on Friday with Jodie and her husband Rob after I picked them up at LAX, the trouble we had finding a post office, the quickie shopping trip I squeezed in later that day, and how I managed to rack up over 11,000 steps on Saturday. But for now, I’ll close by thanking my sweet daughter Josephine for joining me at the Chico’s brunch and shopping event. You’ll be hearing more about this fabulous gal shortly.

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18 thoughts on “Catch Up And Meet Up: In Real Life”

  1. It’s so good to know that your prognosis is the expected, excellent one and that you’re taking the recuperation process slow but sure. Anesthesia can do a number on lots of people and the mental/emotional part of healing is very important to getting your mojo back!! It has been a privilege being an observer of your journey Rena!! I think you have found more of yourself than you realized was there! I apologize if I’m being presumptuous about this but it’s been quite something to see!
    I wondered, “who is that darling young woman, flashing the peace sign?” in the group photo at Chico’s. I see you in the sincerety of her smile and I’ll bet she has been an amazing comfort over the last few months.
    I also have to tell you that you look really radiant in those photos at the “Fierce Fifty” meet up! All of your smiles are lighting up your face. I’m guessing that you found many women with experiences of their own and support to give??
    Can’t wait to see you again Rena! Sending love and healing thoughts.

    1. Jude, I always appreciate your kind words and the thoughtful insights that you share in your comments. I have indeed found blogger meet-ups to be a great way to connect with other women I most likely would not have had change to meet in real life. And I was so glad that my daughter agreed without hesitation or my begging to join me at the Chico’s brunch. She said that she was excited to meet these inspiring women.

  2. Congretulations on the ,,all clear,,! Recovery is always going to slowly isn t it! What a fabulous unforgettable weekend that must have been. It looks like so much fun! And how lovely that your daughter went with you! I hope everything is going back to ,,normall,,for you very soon! But I think that you are doing very well!

  3. Yay! Glad to hear things are progressing well! And glad to hear no chemo or radiation — they are Not Fun.
    Great writeup — all that was only a month ago?
    Update on the art show — 8/5 Artist Panel is at 4pm, and we’re doing a closing reception 6-9pm. Hope you feel well enough to join us!

    1. Anne, thank you. I, too, am very glad that I need no radiation or chemo. I saw the info about the closing reception so it’s on my calendar to attend. See you soon.

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