And So It Begins

It’s been 80 days since I first got the diagnosis of DCIS and today I go in for surgery to have it removed. And when I say it, I mean IT as in mastectomy. Even as I write that word, it is still hard to imagine what that will be like. Not that I haven’t been thinking about it, or Googling it, or talking to others who been down this same road.

With this post set to publish at 6am PDT, I will already be at the hospital being admitted when it does. Because of the reconstruction option I’ve chosen, it will be a very lengthy surgery. While there are risks with any surgery, I have a lot of confidence in the surgical team and I’ve had no problems in previous surgeries so all should go well.

Last Friday, I got a call from the plastic surgeon’s office asking that I come to see the doctor in the afternoon so that he could mark me in preparation for surgery ahead of time. While it changed my plans for wrapping up things at work, I came away from the appointment feeling much more reassured about the procedure. This appointment gave me and The Husband an opportunity to talk about some of our concerns with the doctor and to learn more about him as a person. His patience and confidence was very comforting and made for a much easier weekend.

Much of the last couple of days has been spent getting some things in order. Several loads of laundry, changing the linens, cueing up a couple week’s worth of blog posts, getting a pedicure … you know, the usual. I even got my closet to about 95% organized and straighten. We’ve hired someone to come in and do a thorough cleaning of our place, including windows and screens so the place will be sparkling clean for when I come home.

Did you notice my shirt? Of course, you did. It’s not quite the same as the title of the blog, but close enough for an item that wasn’t custom made. I thought it conveyed an appropriate sentiment for today. Click here to get one for yourself if you’re so inclined.

Many of you have sent such kind messages of support and encouragement and I’ve been touched by your expressions of warmth and positivity. I feel stronger because of them and even more centered in my belief that this is a battle I will not lose.

Based on the information we got from the surgeon, I expect to not be able to do much social media wise for a few days. So as to not leave those of you not on The Husband’s “people to contact” list wondering about me, our daughter will post on my Instagram account Monday night after I’m out of surgery.

I have several weeks ahead of me for healing and recovery and I’m planning to use this time to transition into better and healthier lifestyle changes as well. Fairly soon I hope to be able to say “I may have had cancer, but it didn’t have me”.


12 thoughts on “And So It Begins”

  1. Oh…I love that quote that cancer doesn’t have you, Rena!! We were thinking about you this morning at breakfast and pulling all our energy to you and your recovery!!
    How nice your daughter will be posting for you–I’ll be anxiously awaiting to hear!!

  2. I am praying for you today that the procedure goes smoothly with wise doctors/nurses. Also that pain is to a minimum. God bless you.

  3. Rena, prayers are being said, and will continue throughout the day. You are an inspiration to all of us reading. And I will be stalking your IG tonight waiting for the message. Much love my friend. xx

  4. Rena, by now you have been admitted to the hospital and may even be in surgery. My heart and hopes are with you as you forge ahead. I hope for success in the operating room, no complications, and beautiful, easy, perfect healing to take place. Your courage is inspirational. Thank you for sharing this with the rest of us. I’ll be looking for your daughter’s post on IG later.

    Thinking of you with gentle healing hugs!

    – Sherry

  5. It is almost Tuesday morning here in Minnesota and I know that you will have come out of surgery hours ago and hopefully are resting comfortably . I pray that all went well Rena. I’m going to email Jodie Filogamo for Instagram news as I’m not a follower.
    Thinking of you with great fondness and hope Rena!

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