Wall Of Fame Grand Reveal: In Real Life & Link Up

Hello, hello … and welcome to the grand reveal of the “It’s all Fine. Whatever tickles the fancy” Wall Of Fame, a new feature page on the blog.  I’m so glad that you stopped by.  Please, come on in and browse around.  Currently, it’s a relatively small collection but there are expansion plans on the horizon.  Be sure to put yourself on the mailing list if you’re interested in being notified when new exhibits are added.

Merriam-Webster’s definition of the term ~hall of fame~ is “a group of individuals in a particular category … who have been selected as particularly illustrious”.  In the case of this blog, a ~wall of fame~ has been erected to pay tribute and homage to two groups of special people, each with their own distinction.

The first group consists of the bloggers that I’ve met in real life.  More than just a hello and a handshake, I’ve had the good fortune to spend time getting to know these fabulous bloggers.  Those wonderful memories and the enduring connections continue to inspire and encourage me.    In the second group are the women I’ve featured in my on-going A Woman I Know series that is published on the occasional 5th Saturday of the month.  Not themselves bloggers, these are some of the wonderful ladies I know in my real life that I thought my readers would enjoy getting to know.

December 2016

February 2017


July 2016 – Amy

October 2016 – Joya

December 2016 – Cathy

April 2017 – Bernice


I’ve been wanting to roll out this Wall Of Fame for a while and I’ve made this task one of my to-do items before my upcoming surgery. If you are now puzzling over that bit of information, then this post and this one will get you caught up. There will be more on that whole subject in a post that will publish in a day or two. Initially, I’d thought that today’s post would have a different focus but I decided to switch things around.

Another to-do item on my seemingly never ending list is to refresh, tweak, and otherwise update the format of this blog and establishing a wall of fame page is a part of that update. Also, I’ll be attending a couple more meet-ups this year and I wanted to get the page going so that I could easily add to it as my personal connections to other bloggers expands.

One of the tasks that hadn’t made it onto my to-do list was to plan out a fabulous ensemble to wear for this grand reveal so I have no outfit photos for this post. Fine, whatever! What I can do is give you a little peek at the topic I will be covering (or should I say uncovering) on my next post.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Now, onto the Fine-Whatever link up for this week. My featured contributor from last week’s link-up is Andrea at Living On Cloud Nine. She describes herself as a forty-something lucky lady living on cloud nine in the Midwest and Andrea’s blog is focused on family, fun, and fashion.

A link to the Wall Of Fame is available on top menu bar.  Don’t forget to pop over and take a look. There are many, many other bloggers that I’ve “met” in a virtual sense through collaborations or just by supporting and commenting on their blogs.  I hope to one day meet all of you in person and add you to the Wall Of Fame.

Who are the famous or not-so-famous people in your life that deserve some recognition? In what way have they influenced or encouraged you? Has any ever told you that you’re their “celebrity crush”?

Let’s connect! Subscribe, tweet, follow, friend, love, pin … all options are available and waiting for you. I look forward to hearing from you. And don’t forget to add a post or two to the link up.


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28 thoughts on “Wall Of Fame Grand Reveal: In Real Life & Link Up”

  1. Great blog post today. It’s really cool you’ve met some nice bloggers. I see one blogger (Shelby) She’s so cool. Thanks so much for hosting and can’t wait to join in again.:)

  2. I love this idea too, and I may have to copy you!
    I really like the idea of featuring people in ones life who are important and not necessarily bloggers.

    Thank you SO MUCH for adding me to your Wall.
    AND you’re also wearing The Scarf in your headshot!

    I linked up my shoemaking adventure. I’m still a bit woozy over the experience.
    And that’s not just the shoe glue talking.

    Have a great week,

    1. Anne, some might say that you (and the Fashion Rainbow exhibit) were the muse for my wall of fame so you’d hardly be copying me. I saw your post on the shoes and what a fascinating process and experience that must have been.

  3. Very cool idea. I enjoyed seeing some of my sweet blogging friends on your wall of fame. Looking forward to reading your next post, as well.

  4. What a great idea! And what a beautiful semi-nude shot! I’m very curious to read what that post will be all about. Sadly, I’ve not had the chance to meet any fellow bloggers myself – it’s difficult with me living here in the Algarve, Portugal, but I’m hoping once I’ve got my yoga retreat up and running in a couple of years that some will come and stay!!!
    Suzy xx

    1. Suzy, I’m glad you like the wall and thank you for lovely comment about my photo. One day I hope to do some international traveling and I will keep you in mind when deciding on destinations.

  5. Rena, I love this fabulous concept of a Wall of Fame! You are such an amazing and kind hearted woman and I love the support and empowerment that you put out there for other women through your blog. Also, may I say how very honored I am to be named on your Wall of Fame and in the prime number one spot no less! Wow! Thank you so very much! I am so glad to have met you IRL and to be able to follow along your blogging journey! Thank you, my friend, thank you so very much!


    1. Oh, Shelbee, you give me more support and encouragement by the example of how you live your life and interact with other bloggers and readers than you will ever know. Clearly, we are stronger together than on our own.

  6. What a warm and inclusive concept to broaden the scope of your blog and honor some of the women who have influenced and expanded your concept of blogging. Once I started following blogs it was actually tough to imagine never meeting some of these impressive women face to face! Though I still don’t blog myself I have expanded my list of women I need to meet.
    Your nude photo is intriguing and very artful Rena. We have such innocence, beauty, and vulnerability when we are naked. Somehow a black and white photo of the naked form emphasizes the simple truth of our individuality and our humanity all at once. For the record, I like it better than anything from Kim K!
    I don’t claim to know you well Rena but I’m guessing this took some guts on your part. I’m looking forward to knowing more.
    I know you’re only weeks away from your surgery date. Looks like your spirit remains strong Rena!

    1. Jude, it’s a whole new kind of bucket list … people I’d like to meet in person and I’m so glad that I met you. Thank you for on-going support and for your encouragements. Surgery does loom in the not too distant future and it’s surprising motivating source of “guts”.

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