Wildberry & Chamomile: Color My World

Let’s see … what excuse can I come up with for being a bit late with this month’s edition of Color My World? First of all, I’d started the year with the idea of using “greenery” as one of the colors in each month’s pairing but I’d run out of green (both literally and figuratively) so as last weekend rolled around, I had no pictures for the post much less any idea of another pair of colors to showcase. Secondly, once I’d conceptually moved on from greenery and I’d been struck with inspiration, the initial set of photos taken in haste came out very bad and wholly unflattering. I embarrassed to think that I wore that outfit all day. It wasn’t a bad look, it just wasn’t up to my usual standards.  Fine, whatever.

These photos are a second attempt to showcase “wildberry & chamomile” and I actually wore this outfit to work earlier this week. I’d put together the look with an intentional pairing of the colors since they had been on my mind but it wasn’t until mid-day that I thought about using it for the Color My World post. Fortunately, my photographer was willing to squeeze in an impromptu photo shoot before dinner that night.  If you’re wondering about the inspiration for “wildberry & chamomile”, I’ll get to that after the details on the outfit.

A cardi and pants are an easy go-to look for work, even when the referenced cardi looks like a tablecloth in the opinion of someone’s husband. Men can be so literal sometimes. I shared a more casual look for this gingham print beauty in Denim Trousers: Up Down All-Around but it’s not just limited to picnicking. My pants are the same style as the ones I shared two weeks ago in the work look for my Boho Kimono. No reason not to buy a style that fits and flatters in more than one color, right?

Gingham cardigan – J Crew Factory, bought last summer (similar look, another option)
Peplum top – Style & Co (exact)
Cropped pants – Harper by Old Navy (exact, lots of colors and full range of sizes)

Twas hardly any gal happier than I last spring/summer when peplum tops became a trending item and for me, they’ll never go out of fashion. I’m a huge fan of the “shirt longer than the jacket/cardigan” look and I like the shirt to have some visual interest on its own. With the peplum, on my top is not just a plain ol’ white tee under a sweater. This is another item I bought in more than one color.

The blue suede pumps I’m wearing are old favorites of mine and I’ve shared them several times already. Instead of just posting a few links to similar shoes, I thought I’d give you some eye candy with the options I found. And how fabulous are the ones with the fringe on the heel?

The inspiration for the coloring pairing of “wildberry & chamomile” came from a recent find at Bath & Body Works (this is not a sponsored post, just sharing what I think is a really great product).  I’ve never been fond of wearing perfume or cologne but I do want to smell nice, just not overpowering.  Like many people who live in drier than average climates, application of moisturizers and lotions are daily rituals so I’ve found a way to combine the battling of dry skin with my preference for a light fragrance.  For a number of years, Bath & Body Works has been my go-to option for my daily body lotion and actually, I use their body creams which I find to be super moisturizing and not at all greasy.

And so it was last weekend, as I was rubbing this yummy smelling body cream on my legs and mulling over my dilemma of breaking away from “greenery” while trying to think of another color combination, that I began to wonder what was the color of chamomile considering the graphic on the tube. In my brief bit of research, I found that the flower looks some what like a daisy with white petals and a yellow center. Tea made from it looks like most other teas and creative color references that use “chamomile” are usual assigned to yellowish brown hues. However, the flower heads can be crushed and steamed to produce a blue oil, which is then used as medicine. Good enough reason for me to henceforth dub the color of my gingham cardigan as chamomile and wildberry is a good a description for the color of my pants as is claret red.

There are many fragrance options offered at B&BW and most come in a variety of products but I stick with just the body creams. For each fragrance, there is a description of the scent that includes its basic aromatic components. “wildberry & chamomile” is described as a blend of white ginger, wild black berry, and natural tea oil. I dislike vanilla and amber so I find the descriptions to be very helpful in weeding out fragrances that I know I won’t like.

That’s all for this quickie post. No link up since tomorrow I will be publishing my usual Saturday post. Please do stop by again tomorrow to link up and get caught up on a few of the happenings of the past month.

19 thoughts on “Wildberry & Chamomile: Color My World”

  1. That gingham sweater is really darling Rena! I also like the oeplun beneath it and totally get why you’d buy it in more than one color. I’ve never thought of putting a little peplum under a sweater and WILL be stealing this idea! I’m also liking the claret red pants. This red is an unexpected summer color and I really like it with the blue and white gingham.
    I’m hoping that you’ve regained a bit of emotional balance in your life Rena. I’m guessing that your mom pops into your mind often and unexpectedly. Perhaps memories you hadn’t revisited for awhile are also popping up. Perhaps your own health issues have started to feel more manageable as well? I’m sending good karma and love your way.

    1. Thank you, Jude, for your friendship and support. They are both much appreciated and I’m delighted to know that I’ve given you a styling idea.

  2. Isn t it funny how we sometimes get inspired by certain items! The color combination is very nice and I love the lenght of your trousers. I wish you a fabulous weekend!

    1. Laurie, I think that wine is a fabulous neutral and so flattering on most people. Wine and navy make for a marvelous pairing, too.

  3. Love the cardi! And the color combination is superb. I love that the color inspiration came from a body cream! You are so creative and really have a knack in your outfit pairings, my friend. Another fabulous outfit!


    1. Thank you, Shelbee. When inspiration strikes, I’ve learned not to question it but just follow where it takes me although it make take a couple of tries to get it right (hence the re-do in this case).

  4. Rena, I love this post and your outfit. I do my own Color Crash Course column on my blog and I am happy to find that you devote specific posts to color. I also love that your researched out the chamomile idea. I would have never known that it produced a blue oil when steamed! Kudos to you for teaching me something new! Ha, ha. I love this look you are wearing. My husband would also be the one to claim I was wearing a table cloth. I really like the way the light blue contrasts with the darker hue of your pants. And those shoes!!!! Love, love. Great post. Sorry, I have been so negligent in commenting on your posts. You always do such a nice job. Life is just busy, as you know. Keep up the great work, beautiful! – Amy

    1. Amy, I can fully sympathize on how busy life can get so no need to apologize for missing on a few comments. I have trouble keeping up as well. I’ve seen your color posts and they are great.

  5. I really like these colours together! I didn’t know chamomile flowers produced a blue oil…everyday’s a school day! I love your shoes, and those Katy Perry shoes you’ve featured are gorgeous!

    Emma xxx

  6. Love the colors in this outfit. Such a pretty cardigan, Rena. Did you see that I featured your floral Who What Wear dress on my Thursday Moda linkup, last week? Welcome by this Thursday and join my linkup, again.

    Happy Memorial Day weekend hun!

  7. You are wearing such a smart outfit! The color of those pants is beautiful! And that top is perfect with them. Thank you for joining Ladies Who Link Up and hope to see you next week!

  8. Great color combination, Rena! I am adoring the fabulous cardigan. Too funny about the picnic table thoughts… Haha! Thanks so much for linking up with Fabulous Friday! Also, I am currently looking for co-hosts, so I hope you will consider the opportunity.

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