Springing To Mind: Wide Leg Crops

With the changing of the seasons, there are so many ideas “springing to mind” on ideas for topics and styles to include in upcoming posts. It was my intention when I started this blog to offer up more than just what I’m wearing. Soon you may find yourself reading about tips for bloggers or a collaboration with another blogger or lifestyle changes.

Through the rotating themes of my weekly link up, I think that I’m achieving my initial intention. The most challenging, and of course most rewarding, of these themes is Up Down All-Around. As a woman still in her prime and still in the workforce, I perplexed by the lack of marketing of stylish, modern, and dare I say affordable fashions that “fit” me and my professional needs. While there are several popular retailers that offer stylish, modern, and somewhat affordable that are workplace appropriate, the cut and proportions of their clothing often don’t “fit” me, literally and figuratively.

Along with a recognition of the limited traditional offerings, I also don’t want a wardrobe that has an absolute division between work and non-work. I’ve strived to build a wardrobe that has pieces that can transition between all aspects of my life. An example of this is this pair of wide-leg crops which I’ve styled for work, play, and fun in this bonus edition of Up Down All-Around.

Dressed Up For Work

I’ve been looking for longer skirts as well as crop length pants lately because I believe that those lengths are flattering to my height and figure. I adore the modern twist that cropped length pants offer to an otherwise typically professional outfit.

It felt like I’d hit the jackpot when I came across these wide-leg crops a couple of weeks ago. Hanging on a rack amongst a variety of casual attire items, I immediately knew that these black and white print pants would be an ideal option for work as the weather started to warm up. For this look, I’ve chosen my little black jacket (seen recently with leopard crops here and here), a white top, and a pair of black, white, and tan pumps that I’ve had for several years.

While these crops may be a bit casual, accessories like an embossed animal print belt, a freeform broach, and eye-catching multi-tone pumps add enough seriousness to make them work appropriate.

Dressed For Play

With a pair of flatform sandals, a chambray top, and my white laser-cut tote (all already in my closet and seen before on the blog), these wide-leg crops are now ready for a day of easy strolling through a farmers’ market, a swap meet, or where ever the wind carries me.

Dressed For Fun

Springing over to this look, I wanted to turn up the edginess of the crops so I opted for a black tee and a cargo vest along with the newly thrifted sandals that I first shared this past Saturday in Greenery And Tan: Color My World.

Springing To Mind

While it’s time-consuming to take the photos, I really like showing more than one look for items in my wardrobe. Recently, I’ve done a couple of “here’s another look for” posts so that I had photos to go with a non-fashion topic and I may continue with that approach as well. It’s my hope that I might inspire a reader or two to rethink how they are wearing similar items or perhaps demonstrate how they might wear something that they haven’t yet tried.

You’ll notice that there are no affiliated links added to this post and that’s because the create text link functionality on the marketing website doesn’t seem to be working as I’m finishing this post. Fine, whatever. This blog is a hobby and passion so I don’t mind sharing a direct link to a popular nation-wide retailer for these wide-leg crops that will not earn me any money. (BTW, I bought the green ones, too, and they’ll soon be seen in an upcoming collaboration post). Your comments and feedback are payment enough.

Let’s connect! Subscribe, tweet, follow, friend, love, pin, stumble … all options are available and waiting for you. I look forward to hearing from you. And don’t forget to pop over to last Saturday’s link up and add a post or two.


22 thoughts on “Springing To Mind: Wide Leg Crops”

  1. Hey Rena! I love wide-legged, cropped pants even though they seem like they would not look good on a shorty like me. I think you totally figured out how to make them flattering with your shoes, especially the work outfit shoes. It looks so summery where you are! Julia

    1. Juila, I’m no tall drink of water. At just 5’3″ I often find petite sizes fit me better and perhaps the crops would be more in proportion if I shortened them. I figure that if I keep moving, no one with notice. LOL Thank you for the compliments and I hope that I’ve inspired you to give wide-leg crops a try.

    1. Jodie, I adore my skinnies too, but variety is the spice of life, right? Thanks for the shoe love … those are a particular favorite of mine as well.

  2. These crops are going to be very fun to style in many ways and your mission to make them fit both a work and play environment is such a practical goal for so many women. I think a lacy top and also a stripey top would combine well with the tiny print for a bit of pattern mixing as well!
    You have some great shoes Rena. The first pair has a bit of brogue/spectator vibe and the black strap sandal is such a good “go to shoe” for summer.
    Good wishes for a happy spring Rena!!

  3. Rena, you have such a wonderful style. I love what you did with these pants in all three looks. With just a few changes in tops, accessories and shoes, you took these pants from work, to casual to fun date! Thanks so much for putting in the extra effort. You are inspiring me in so many ways! – Amy

    1. Andrea, thank you and I’m glad to hear that you are a fan of wide leg pants, too. I wasn’t sure that a wide leg would flatter me but I think they work.

  4. Rena, you have totally nailed the styling of these pants! They look amazing in all three outfits! And don’t they feel like pajama pants? So comfortable! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the green ones! And those pumps in the first outfit….Oh I swoon!


  5. I love those pants and those shoes–all three pairs! You and I could be dangerous in a shoe store together, I think. The pants seem to go with almost anything. Since reading your blog post I’ve been on the hunt for similar styles! I’ll let you know if I find anything that makes me feel as good as you look in them.


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