Ivory And Bronze: Color My World & Link Up

Mixing together some shimmer, a bit of glitter and shine, and an unexpected twist, got me this ivory and bronze ensemble that is uniquely mine for the holidays. With color combo as the key prompt for this post and being that we are in December, I wanted to showcase a pairing befitting the season but perhaps unexpected. My original color combo idea had been gold and silver but I don’t have either in my wardrobe (except for jewelry) and I didn’t want to buy an entirely new outfit. Also, gold and silver would be quite bold and I normally prefer something more subtle.

Reflecting on what I already had in my closet, I zoned in on a midi-length sequin skirt I bought last year at Target. Back then I shared it styled three ways in Sequins: One Skirt, Three Looks and this is yet another look. The sequins are a bronzy color and the fabric is a medium toned gray so my initial idea of gold and silver soon morphed into bronze and pewter. With that color combo in mind, off I went in search of a pewter top suitable for a festive occasion.

Well, and it wasn’t for a lacking of trying but I didn’t find anything pewter that would work with the skirt for which I’m a bit relieved.  Even though I liked the idea of mixing these burnished metals, it troubled me that bronze and pewter might be seen as a variation of brown and gray, which was the featured color combination last month.  With an open mind regarding options, I happened upon was this lovely ivory sweater with a twist detail on the back and that is how I settled on ivory and bronze as my featured colors for this month. This sweater is one of my recent Black Friday shopping souvenirs that I found at an Express Outlet Store where everything was 50% off.

Even though images in a magazine or on a blog are flat and two-dimensional, we are three-dimensional beings and details on the back of an outfit will up your style factor.  Given the openness of the sweater, I’m wearing a lace trimmed cami underneath it that I’ve had for several years.  The drape of the sweater exposes a touch of skin and hints at the potential of an unintentional reveal but yet I’m at no risk of overexposure.

The rather plain front of the sweater seemed perfect for a layered cascade of a pearl bead necklace and gemstone pendant.  Bronze peep-toe pumps and a velvety brocade mini-purse round out my accessory choices.  In this whole outfit, only the sweater and the pendant necklace are new.

The publishing of this post is quite timely since I’ll be wearing this outfit later tonight to the annual holiday party hosted by my friend Cathy (as well as her husband and daughters).  I wore this same skirt to the party last year but I don’t think that anyone will remember.  I’m excited to share that Cathy will be the subject of my next A Woman I Know post which will be coming out in two weeks. In preparation for that post, I enlisted her very talented daughter Claire to shoot Cathy’s photos and she kindly agreed to shoot the photos for my Ivory and Bronze outfit as well. You can check out her other work on her website, K + C.

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Let’s Wrap This Up

Now, onto the Fine-Whatever link up for this week. My featured contributor from last week’s post is Jodie from Jodie’s Touch of Style. If you haven’t seen her blog before, you simply must do so because in each post, you see not only Jodie but her mother and step-mother as well. In her 3-for-1 format, Jodie shares style inspirations suitable for women of any age.  In the post she added to last week’s link up, the three ladies show how they wear an LBD in winter in a casual style.

How are you wearing sparkle and shine this holiday season?  What are you favorite festive colors?  Do you plan outfits for special occasions in advance or just wing it on the day of the event?  Have you started to think about your new year’s goals yet?

Let’s connect! Subscribe, tweet, follow, friend, love, pin, stumble … all options are available and waiting for you. I look forward to hearing from you. And don’t forget to add a post or two to the link up.


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28 thoughts on “Ivory And Bronze: Color My World & Link Up”

  1. Thanks so much for the feature and fabulous introduction, Rena!! I may have to memorize what you said as my “elevator speech”–it’s so much more polished than what I usually come up with!!
    I’m really glad you were open in your pairing with this skirt. I think the skirt is such the focal point, that the lighter sweater really shows it off!!
    And the layering of necklaces is perfect!! Of course you should wear it tonight!! Rarely can I remember what I wore yesterday, let alone would anyone else remember you wore the skirt last year!
    In fact, I just saw on FB that I basically wore the same outfit for my birthday celebration 2 years ago—ha ha!!

    1. Jodie, you are most welcome and I would be tickled if you used my intro as your ‘elevator speech’. I need to come up with one for myself. Thank you for the compliments.

  2. I love the top! Does it cross in the front as shown in the thumbnail photo and did you purposely cross it in the back? It’s nice that it can be worn both ways!

    1. In the top that I’m wearing, the twist is meant to be worn in the back but I might try it in front. The link I included is to a similar item that does have the twist in front but could possibly be worn backwards. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. That look is amazing. The silver dress shines in the sun. And the back design of the top is really beautiful. But as Christmas is coming, I will also try something red like red nails or red lipsticks.

  4. That is a great holiday look. That sparkly skirt is perfect paired with that ivory top, which may I add, has the coolest back detail. I love outfits that looks just as fabulous coming AND going. Have fun at your party where I expect you’ll get many compliments 🙂

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