Summertime Daisy & Link Up

I think that the flower in this top is a daisy, if perhaps, a bit abstract. Not that I care because I love it anyway. It’s a silly little top, but the type I look for all the time. A looser fitting cami, that has some unique detailing or pattern, that I can use as the under layer with a cardigan or jacket. I found this one a couple of years ago in the junior’s section at Kohl’s.

Besides the daisy print, this top has a bit of lace trim at the neckline and a wispy, ruffle type peplum at the bottom. I often browse through the junior’s sections in department stores looking for tops like this one that can be deemed ‘ageless’ and are a match to my personal style.

FWE - PTF daisy 070216-1

FWE - PTF daisy 070216-2

This is one of my go-to warm weather work outfits for when I want to dress like I mean business but do it my way. The skirt and cardigan are basics that I wear often (exhibit 1 and exhibit 2) but this is the first time I’m sporting these yellow patent-leather peep-toe pumps on the blog. I bought them a few years ago when daytime patent-leather was trending and because of the unique look of the heel.

FWE - PTF daisy 070216-3

Finishing the look is my trusty faux ostrich work tote, a floral pendant necklace, and a gold-tone cuff bracelet.

FWE - PTF daisy 070216-4

FWE - PTF daisy 070216-5

Now, onto the link-up. Back in May, I rolled out Up Down All-Around as my new weekly link-up and Powers The Flower became a monthly one. My original idea was to eventually have four different monthly link-ups that would roll out on a rotating basis each week (I hope you understood that description) but I’ve realized this may be confusing to my readers. So instead, I’m relaunching the weekly link-up with a new name, Fine-Whatever, and with a rotation of themes associated with each Saturday of the month. There is more on this week’s theme at the end of the post.

My featured contributor from last week’s link-up is Eve at The World According To Eve. Eve isn’t an ‘over 40’ blogger but she is a lovely young woman with a unique style and one of my ‘sisters’ from last week’s Project Sister Act: Bared Shoulder post.

FWE - PTF daisy 070216 contributor

Is there a signature element to your style that’s as fresh as a daisy? Or is your wardrobe in a rut and pushing up daisies? Do you venture into stores and departments to see what might work for you or do you stay with only the tried and true retailers?

FWE - PTF daisy 070216-6

Let’s connect! Subscribe, tweet, follow, friend, love, pin, stumble … all options are available and waiting for you. I look forward to hearing from you. And don’t forget to add a post or two to the link-up.


Here’s a collection of floral tops and yellow shoes you can use to freshen up your look.


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34 thoughts on “Summertime Daisy & Link Up”

  1. Okay, so my floral this time could be considered a stretch…but really, there are flowers on my scarf!!
    I love your daisy shirt—it’s a perfect example of how you can shop “anywhere” and get great things!!

    1. Exactly. We shouldn’t let the retailers tell us what we should or shouldn’t be buying. Gems can be found anywhere.

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