Project Sister Act: Bared Shoulder

Until recently, I’ve been a bit cool towards the bared shoulder trend at least as far as for me to wear it. I suppose there are two key reasons that I hadn’t embraced the style. The first has to do with my figure. I’m a busty gal so the multitudes of off-the-shoulder tops and dresses don’t work for me (I haven’t found strapless bras to be a viable solution). Ok then, if we were having a conversation on the matter, you might suggest that I try the cold-shoulder style which provides coverage for bra straps. I would agree that the coverage would be there but the idea of a cut out at the shoulder frankly left me cold.

So what has changed? How did I go from ‘not for me’ to ‘ya, I’ll give it a try’? It was Sheela Goh and her invitation to join in on this month’s Project Sister Act, which she started in February of 2015. She defined the series as “a little endeavor bringing together five women ranging from teens to 50s, united in showcasing that style knows no age boundary.” I said yes without asking what the theme would be. When I got her e-mail with all the details, I was a little stymied as to how I would pull it off. With nothing fitting into the bared shoulder category in my wardrobe, I set out to do some shopping and sole searching as well. Fine, whatever.


FWE - spa bare shoulder 062416-1

Because it’s part of my nature to do so, in preparation for this post I googled ‘shoulder’ and got some interesting results. Used as a noun, a shoulder is both a body part and an emergency stopping lane (literally and figuratively). As a verb, it can mean to push aside (perhaps even roughly), to take upon or support, or to assume a responsibility. The word shoulder is the foundation word in several idioms like cry on someone’s shoulder, put one’s shoulder to the wheel, or work shoulder to shoulder. And then, of course, there is giving someone a cold shoulder.

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Project Sister Act reminds us we are not alone in our pursuits of style. As an expression of one’s personality, it doesn’t matter in which decade you were born. Style should be and can be unique to you and as sisters, we will provide you with a shoulder to cry on, urge you to put your shoulder to the wheel, and work with you shoulder to shoulder. Don’t make assumptions and give a trend the cold shoulder. With a little effort, the same motif can be stylish on any and every woman, regardless of the year she was born. Go ahead, try it, you might like it.

Right To Bare Shoulders

FWE - spa bare shoulder 062416-3

FWE - spa bare shoulder 062416-4
Top – I Jeans by Buffalo (exact, but limited sizes, option); Necklace – Chico’s (similar); Cuff bracelet – Century 21 (similar)

Challenge accepted, I needed to do some shopping (oh, darn). Fortunately, I had enough time to not be rushed in this task. I started with an on-line search and found some possibilities which I ordered but returned as they didn’t fit. After a week lost on that effort, I hit the mall (several, actually) and finally landed upon this geometric print bared shoulder top on one of those excursions. I also found two others that may pop up in future posts.

I was drawn to the top I’m wearing by the colors; I love the combination of blue and black. To me, the pattern keeps the eye moving and minimizes the appearance of any bumps and bulges which is always a plus. I can see myself wearing this top with jeans for a more casual occasion just as easily as you see me in these pictures with a high-low maxi skirt for a more dressed up look.

FWE - spa bare shoulder 062416-5

FWE - spa bare shoulder 062416-6
Skirt – Apt 9 (exact); Purse – Carlos Santana (similar); Shoes – Franco Sarto, sold out (similar look)

A Bit Of Nip And Tuck

In keeping with the message of Project Sister Act, I going to share a hidden trick I used with this top because there is one aspect of it with which I’m not thrilled. It’s a bit too long for me as many tops are prone to be on a 5’3″ woman. If you just scrolled up to look the last couple of photos, you probably think that I’m being overly critical but I assure you that I’m not. It’s just a bit of nip and tuck solved the problem.

The top doesn’t have ruching at the waist as it appears to have in the photos above. In order to shorten the top into a better length for my body, I’ve tucked a pinch of fabric into the waistband of the skirt on each side. You can see the effect of this trick in the side-by-side photos below. The ruching effect and the pattern hides the evidence. The tucking also helped to define my waist since this top doesn’t have much structure. The side tuck isn’t all that different from the front tuck that also solves the problem of the too-long top and adds personal flair to an outfit.

FWE - spa bare shoulder 062416-8

FWE - spa bare shoulder 062416-9

The Sisters

Without further ado, I now present this month’s fabulous style sisters. Links to their respective blogs are below each picture. Please do take a moment or two to pop over and read their Project Sister Act posts.

Teen – Eve at The World According To Eve

20’s – Veena at Knowing My Style

30’s – Ada at Elegance And Mommyhood

Sheela Goh
40’s – Sheela at Sheela Writes

FWE - spa bare shoulder 062416-10
50’s – little ol’ me.

This has been my second blogger collaboration (did you see the Between The Lines post?) and I’m thrilled to once again be associated with such a wonderful group of women. I hope you’ve enjoyed Project Sister Act as much as I have and if you came to my blog from one of the others, I hope that you will continue to be a regular reader.

Let’s connect! Subscribe, tweet, follow, friend, love, pin, stumble … all options are available and waiting for you. I look forward to hearing from you.

23 thoughts on “Project Sister Act: Bared Shoulder”

  1. This top looks so good on you! In fact, I love the whole outfit! The shoes are amazing and I love the asymatric skirt. It is so much fun right, when bloggers work together. It gives a feel of friendship! Thank you for linking up on Fancy Friday! Have a great weekend.

    1. I still have mixed feelings about the trend (for me) but I’m giving it the old college try. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Aww Rena, I was happily surprised to see you as one of the sisters for this week’s Project Sisters Act. I love the top you carefully shopped for. Your post, how you wrote it, the nip-tucking and the way you styled this outfit, all shows the attention and thought that went behind this post. I loved all the “shoulder” definitions you showed here. Well done sister. I do like your top and I am glad you tried the cold-shoulder tank. But those black+white wedges certainly are perfection. You should check out my post on Project Sisters today and please linkup this beauty with me, sister. I hope you will like my take on this trend and what I wrote. =)

    Thank you and enjoy the weekend!

    Ada. =))

    1. Thanks for the love, Ada. When I bought the top, I knew that I had to wear them with the black and white wedges. Heading over to your link-up now.

    1. Thank you, Veena. It’s been a pleasure for me too. Do you think Sheela put us together because of our rhyming names? ?

  3. You had me with your words, Rena, right off the bat. The way you drew parallels between the linguistic interpretations of the word “shoulder” with a woman’s everyday challenges and life were, well, simply perfect. I really really REALLY enjoyed reading your post, and I am ever so pleased that not only did we connect, we got around to collaborating on something which clearly means quite a bit for the both of us. Another plus point? You conquered something which you thought would never work in your favour – the cold-shoulder look – and that top is stunning on you, Rena xoxo

    1. I was inspired by the style of your posts. It was my attempt at edgy but you are by no doubt, the mistress of edgy.

  4. I bought my first cold shoulder top this week also. And I have the same problem with tops being too long, I am always hemming them. This is a great look and I like the project you all are doing.

    1. I probably should hem more but sometimes a longer length is good so artful tucking allows a top to be more versatile. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one late on getting with the cold shoulder trend.

  5. Love the ladies outfits, each unique unto each woman’s style. I like your “trick” is works well and the top is perfect on you. I find that sometimes we have in our mind what wont work for us, then with experimenting or just giving it a try, we end up surprising ourselves. ( ami right>) Love the pattern and the blue and black look great with your look.
    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday
    jess xx

  6. This looks fab on you! It’s funny because I had my own reasons to shy away from this style but bought one of these tops just yesterday, and I love it. It just shows it’s good to get out of your comfort zone #brillblogposts

    1. It is good to step outside the comfort zone although I find it I get an odd sensation from my cold shoulder tops like they’re falling off. Thanks for commenting.

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