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I would describe my shopping style as recreational. I enjoy the sights and sounds of the stores (usually) and the touch and feel of fabrics as I wander from rack to rack in the search of clothing that speaks to me. It would say to me, “Hello, how are you this fine day? Wouldn’t I fit in perfectly with your wardrobe?” and I would answer with either “why, yes you would” or “no thank you, I’ll pass this time”. Isn’t that what happens when you go shopping? No, really? Fine, whatever.

Really, I swear that’s what happened during the after holiday sales in 2014 when I spied this print skirt on a sale rack at Macy’s. But did I really need another black print skirt when I already had one or two? I didn’t have one with a paisley print or with the colors in this pattern so my answer was yes, it would fit in perfectly with my wardrobe. Best of all, it rang up at less than $15.

FWE - udaa print skirt 052116-1

The bright colors in the pattern and medium weight of the fabric make it a great option to wear all year long. I wear it with a chunky sweater, boots, and tights in cooler weather and how you see it here in warmer weather. This first look is how I wore it to work just last week. The top is a linen T with a peplum type ruffle trim that creates a faux wrap look and the swing jacket is one in the top five of my favorite wardrobe pieces.

FWE - udaa print skirt 052116-2

FWE - udaa print skirt 052116-3
Skirt – Grace Elements, old (similar look, pretty option) Top – Banana Republic, old (option); Swing jacket – Simply Vera, old (similar look, this one, too)

I love the mix of bold and delicate in my necklace. Most of my jewelry tends to be silver toned because I buy inexpensive and inexpensive gold tone often looks very fake. The gold tone of this necklace is more brushed and true to real gold and the stones are passable. I like the way it fills the neckline area without being too heavy. I repeated the circle theme with my bracelet but mixed my metals with the purse.

FWE - udaa print skirt 052116-4
Necklace – Style&Co (option, or this one); Bracelet – Charming Charlie, old (option, option); Purse – INC, thrifted (similar look, option)

I have mixed feelings about my sandals. The crisscrossing strappy look high on the vamp makes them comfortable to wear for long stretches of time but I worry that they make the sandals look a bit “old ladyish”. On the other hand, the shape and height of the heel are much more modern so hence, my mixed feelings.

FWE - udaa print skirt 052116-5
Sandals – Franco Sarto, old (option, option)

For my play look, I was tempted to grab a white T but then I spied this chambray top and I know it was a match made in heaven (or just in my closet). My first inclination was to wear the top loose and untucked and when I showed the outfit that way to my daughter, she kindly suggested it might look better tucked in. As a short-waisted, busty gal I usually shy away from creating a vertical line that cuts me in half but I was willing to give my daughter’s suggestion a try. I wasn’t thrilled with the look at first but when I added the belt, it seemed to make more sense. With a pair of strappy flat sandals, I was ready for an afternoon of running errands with The Husband and finding a location for a quick photo.

FWE - udaa print skirt 052116-6

FWE - udaa print skirt 052116-7
Top – Sonoma (exact); Sandals – Born (exact, very similar); Silver bracelet – J Jill, old (option, option); Beaded wrap bracelet – handmade (similar, another look)

Last October, The Husband and I saw Zac Brown at the Hollywood Bowl so this was my attempt at a citified country look. Take the paisley (sorry Brad) print skirt, add cowboyish boots and a bolo tie that originally belonged to my father, and I was ready to eat some chicken fry (or at least sing along with the song).

FWE - udaa print skirt 052116-8
Boots – Matisse, old (option, option)

Now, onto the Up, Down, All-Around link up for this week. My featured contributor from last week’s link-up is Jacqueline at Petite Silver Vixen. She is totally down with the “work to play to fun” concept for her wardrobe as she shares in a recent post. You should check out Jacqueline’s blog if you aren’t following her already because she has been a style inspiration for me on more than one occasion.

FWE - udaa print skirt 052116 contributor

Have you thought of how an item in your wardrobe could fit into all aspects of your life? How much of your style time is spent at work or at play or at having fun and does that reconcile with your clothing options?

FWE - udaa print skirt 052116-10

Let’s connect! Subscribe, tweet, follow, friend, love, pin, stumble … all options are available and waiting for you. I look forward to hearing from you. And don’t forget to add a post or two to the link-up.


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25 thoughts on “Up, Down, All-Around Print Skirt & Link Up”

  1. I know what you mean about—do I need this?—but $15 is such a great deal. My husband is the best at saying, “don’t you already have one like that?” It makes me think about—do I or don’t I need another??
    I’m not sure about your black heels also—you could always add some fringe or pom-poms to them to make them different?
    thanks for hosting Rena!

  2. Yes, I definitely have those conversations with clothes! I love the print on this skirt. It makes it so versatile. I also love that there are browns in the print on black as I love pairing brown and black together! My favorite of your looks is the chambray shirt. And your daughter definitely has an eye for styling because it looks fabulous tucked in and belted!


    1. You and I seem to like the same things. It is a fun skirt and I, too, really like how it looks with the chambray top. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Rena, your sweet words about me have really made my day. Thank you so much for featuring me this week! What a lovely surprise.
    You can’t turn down a skirt at that price. What great colours! And the ways you’ve styled them means you’re getting so much out of the skirt. And I completely agree with you about tucking shirts and blouses in when your larger of chest but the belt gives structure and inspired choice to team it with the chambray top!
    I’ll be linking tomorrow when my next blog post is hot off the press!


  4. Just found your blog via Katherines and I like how you showed off your skirt for any occasion and we kinda shop alike eventhough I am all about the clearance rack at macys.

  5. That is what the clothes say to me also when I shop. I like the look with the chambray top best. Score one for the daughter! Haha Thanks for stopping by my very first link-up!
    Tania @www.50isnotold.com

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