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It’s officially Spring, that lovely transition period between Winter and Summer where you don’t want to ‘fall’ behind in your quest for fashion inspirations. Spring is often synonymous with new beginnings, the return of warmer weather, and sunnier days. If I were asked to pick one color that represents Spring, I would pick yellow. Daffodils, sunshine, peeps … yellow is definitely in abundance this time of the year. According to Wikipedia, yellow is the color people most often associate with amusement, optimism, gentleness, and spontaneity, but also with duplicity, envy, jealousy, avarice, and, cowardice. In the west, yellow is not a well-loved color; in a 2000 survey, only 6% of respondents in Europe and America named it as their favorite color, compared with 45% for blue, 15% for green, 12% for red, and 10% for black. For 7% of respondents, yellow was their least favorite color.

Yellow’s reputation in nature to represent danger or caution may be a contributing factor to its lack of popularity in fashion. If you were to wear a bright yellow coat, you might be asked “where’s the fire?” or “is it suppose to rain today?” and a yellow dress might invoke the image of a banana. All of this would be true if there was only one shade of yellow but there is a wide spectrum of choices when it comes to yellow. From pale butter to burnished gold, there is a shade of yellow to suit every style and every person.

Am I trying to make a bold statement about yellow in this week’s Powers the Flower post? Maybe, maybe not. I first shared this outfit in 9 Ways To Survive The Heat In Winter as tip #8, Shirtdress as Overcoat. I liked it so much that I decided to make it a feature for Powers the Flower and what better week for it to post than the first week of Spring.

The top is from Banana Republic and I bought it a couple of years ago. I recall that it came in three colors; navy, bright pink, and this yellow.  I also recall debating with myself over which color to choose.  I chose the yellow because it seemed like such a happy color and that it would work like a neutral in my wardrobe. I love the interpretive floral pattern.

FWE - ptf 032416-1

FWE - ptf 032416-2

No need to be shy about white denim in Spring so a pair of capris is my ‘to-go’ for this outfit along with cork wedge sandals and a denim shirtdress worn unbuttoned to flap in the breeze.

FWE - ptf 032416-3

FWE - ptf 032416-4

The straw tote might be considered another symbol of Spring or, at least, a necessary accessory for the beach. A scarf is also handy to have on hand or to just add another pop of color and pattern to an outfit.

FWE - ptf 032416-5

Why am I standing on a beachside picnic table? Because my photographer (aka The Husband) told me to and there is nothing wrong with trying something new. I’m not good with platforms without a railing so I was a bit shaky up there but it did provide some added interest to the photos.

My featured contributor to last week’s Powers the Flower link-up is Jen from Librarian for Life and Style. Her outfit and the floral backdrop are picture perfect.


Is your wardrobe in transition mode? What color ‘springs’ into mind for you this time of the year and how are you wearing it?

FWE - ptf 032416-6

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12 thoughts on “Sunny Days & Weekly Link Up”

  1. I actually really like yellow, but most shades of yellow don’t look good on me, at least not near my face. I’m on a mission to find a yellow bag though! 🙂

    Your yellow top is really pretty (great pattern, too!) and looks great on you. I also really like your idea of wearing the shirt dress as a coat. I’m preparing for a trip and am thinking of different ways to wear clothes – this is a great example to get double duty out of an item! Love your photos!

  2. I love the long denim shirt, perfect for the weather! I’m struggling with the weather at the moment because it’s so cold indoors yet can fairly warm outside (unless the wind is blowing, then it’s chilly!). It has to be all about the layers!
    Suzy x

    1. I, too, find I still need layers for indoors even when it’s warm outdoors. I’m glad you liked the idea of using a shirt dress as a layer. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

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