16 For The 16th: March

Can you smell it in the air?  Spring is on its way and the flowers are beginning to bloom.  I know that in some states winter hit harder than normal but it’s been fairly mild here in SoCal, much to my chagrin.  I love my boots and sweaters and there was hardly a decent chance to wear them.  The huge El Nino season didn’t happen as predicted but we did get some rain so we aren’t as parched as before.

If you read my goals for 2016 post then you know that goal 16 is to issue a monthly blog post that I would be calling 16 for the 16th of ” “ and this is the one for March. In this post, I will take a look back at the last month and share 16 new likes and discoveries as well as provide a progress report on goals 1 thru 15.  At this point,  I must confess that I won’t achieve goal 16 because there was no 16 for the 16th of February post. Time got away from me and I considered publishing the post a few days late (which I hadn’t written yet anyway) but that seemed awkward so here I am publishing the post for March and there wasn’t one for February.   Fine, whatever.

March’s 16 Likes and Discoveries (in no particular order)

  • Started to use iPhone for photo shoots because it’s easier to view the images as we go and I always have it with me.
  • Figured out selfies are easier if you use the timer
  • Found an app that lets me transfer photos from my iPhone to another device, like my laptop, via my home wifi.
  • Learned an iPhone trick that reveals the timestamp for text messages (touch screen and drag to left)
  • Also learned how to add text replacements that will appear like autocorrects (Settings>General>Keyboards>Text Replacement)
  • Guess I’m not as tech savvy as I thought I was
  • National celebration days can be a hoot and there are several bloggers, like Regina Wells, who do their best to remind me of them
  • New TV show I’m watching is called Younger and it’s on TV Land.  A lot of the story is told through the wardrobe of each character which has me totally intrigued. (I binged watched 1st season during prep time for colonoscopy)
  • Had my first colonoscopy and I’m all clear.  As most will tell you, the prep is worse than the procedure but that’s only because you can’t eat and are housebound as your system is cleaned out.
  • Goodwill Boutiques – read about my amazing haul (9 items for $100) in Boutique Shopping, Goodwill Prices.
  • I was one of the selected contributors for How I Wear My: Tote.  Thank you Jill.
  • Attended an Active Shooter Response Training session at work which was, at the same time, both enlightening and disturbing.
  • Style challenges I’ve been posting to: #isorthatmarchremix, #marchwearwhatwhere, and #wewant2springforward
  • Move blog from hosted to self-hosted which was a lot more complicated than I thought.
  • Fitbit has come out with two new models that are much more fashion-friendly than the one I currently have (a new Fitbit is now on my wish list)
  • My son shared this cute and funny clip, Questions That Brothers Ask Sisters, on Facebook and tagged his sister so of course I had to watch it.  Hysterical!
FWE - sister and brother 031616

Sister and brother … they really do love each other.


As for progress on the 16 Goals, I’m listing them in the bullet format of the original list and providing stats or comments as appropriate.

1. Spend an average of 16 minutes a day attending to household finances and provide CPA with 2015 financial info by Feb 16
– work in progress but I made the February 16th goal and our tax return is done!

2. Be active for at least 16 minutes every day
– in only 10 of the past 29 days did I meet this goal even though my total minutes of activity divided by 29 is more than 16.  I need to get out of my chair more during the day at work.

3. Yoga, tap dance, swim, and/or otherwise “workout” at least 16 times every month
– 4 of 16 since February 16th (ouch)

4. Increase my 2015 total step count by at least 160%
– started out strong but have slacked recently. 160% of last year’s count means an average of 8,900 steps a day. So far my daily average is about 5,200; that means I have some catching up to do to get back on target.

5. Have 16 days during the year with a step count of over 16,000
– 0 of 16

6. Take 16 bike rides
– 1 of 16

7. Lose 16 pounds and then lose another 16 pounds
– weight loss since January 1; 2 of 16, 0 of 16

8. Get 16 massages
– 0 of 16 (haven’t had time)

9. Try 16 new recipes
– 0 of 16 (haven’t done much cooking lately)

10. Attend, visit, or watch 16 cultural events, exhibits, or theatrical performances
– 2 of 16, saw a play called Barcelona and the movie Deadpool.

11. 16 creative projects, four of each of the following; crochet, sewing, jewelry, and décor
– working on an afghan

12. Socialize with 16 different family or friend ‘units’ (unit = single adult or married couple and their children, if any)
– 4 of 16, dinner w/ friends, Superbowl party, friend’s wedding (see post here)

13. Spend at least 16 nights away from home (as in travel to the distant lands near and far)
– none yet but a 10 day trip to East Coast in early Spring has been planned

14. Publish 160 posts
– 16 of 160; how many have you read?

15. Increase blog and Instagram followings each by 16 fold
– between WordPress, Instagram, Bloglovin, and email, I started the year with 20 followers so my goal is to have 320 by the end of the year.  As of today, I have 87 followers.

16. Issue a monthly blog post called 16 for the 16th of ” “ which would be a look back on a month’s worth of new likes, discoveries, and progress on these goals
– 2 of 12 done

What progress have you made on your goals for 2016?


A comment from you would be lovely