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Is it any wonder that there is a price to be paid for an ocean view? If given a choice, wouldn’t you rather stay in the hotel room, or live the beach town abode, or go to the college that overlooks the breaking waves? “Who wouldn’t”, said my son last year after he received his college acceptance letters. Fortunately for The Husband and I, his college of choice is only about a 90-minute drive from our home so visits (either from him or us) don’t cost a lot of time or money. And maybe unfortunately for our son, the hand delivery of a replacement for his lost retainer was a good excuse to pop in for a visit and enjoy a beautiful day near the beach (and take some photos for the blog).

My photographer (aka The Husband) and I had been talking about doing some location shoots and we know that this trip up the coast would provide us with some great spots. In these photos, we are at a lookout area between the campus lagoon and the ocean.

FWE - powers the flower 030316-10

FWE - powers the flower 030316-7

I’m a sucker for cardigans and I have them in a variety of colors and patterns. Target is a chief supplier of my habit; I probably buy one or two a season. I’ve considered going the quality versus quantity route but they are just too pretty to pass up. I love how the various shades of blue in the print of this sweater makes it look a bit like an ikat pattern. Here, you see me wearing it in casual mode but I have also worn it with brown tweed skirt for work.

FWE - powers the flower 030316-5

FWE - powers the flower 030316-9

The whole outfit is a testament to inexpensive fashion and shopping your closet as nothing in this outfit is a new purchase. Sweater from Target, top from Kohl’s, jeans from Old Navy, and necklace from American Eagle. I’ve had the booties (featured before in Old and New: Denim on Denim) for a really long time.

There was a bit of an off-shore breeze that day and a gust got caught up in my hair as I turned around. Sometimes, it has a life of its own and I thought that I would share it with you.

FWE - powers the flower 030316-6

I’ll end this post with a recognition and a huge thank you to my long-suffering photographer. As I have gleaned from the writings of other bloggers, the triple role of stylist, photo shoot model, and wife of the photographer is not without its perils and frustrations but I couldn’t do this blog without him. And then there is the goofball son who may or may not be embarrassed to have been included in this post as well (and credit to him for the photo of The Husband and me).

FWE - powers the flower 030316-11FWE - powers the flower 030316-13





My featured contributor to last week’s Powers the Flower link up is Melissa from Stylista Fitness. I love her “clean and classic with a modern edge” look.
melissa - stylista fitness

What’s your favorite ocean view? Do you also have a sweater addiction? Please share your thoughts in a comment and add your post (or two) in this week’s Power the Flower link up. The little blue froggy is waiting.


17 thoughts on “Ocean Views & Weekly Link Up”

  1. I love a blue+white print so much. That cardigan is pretty Rena and what amazing background!

    Glad I stopped by, today. Also, starting today I am hosting my own linkup called “Thursday Moda” so welcome by and link up. Thanks so much, Ada. =)

  2. I love your writing..you are too funny! I love the venue for this post..how gorgeous! I love water views and use them a lot in my pics as well . I live on the Puget Sound near Seattle, so places for water shots are many!
    I relate to the silly college aged son too..ha ha…mine just finished in June and my girl is in her first year!
    Super fun to find your blog , your outfit is casual cool..looove those booties!!


    1. Thank you for the comment and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my writing. There is something magical about bodies of water, even though I’m not much for swimming or boating.

  3. I love an ocean view!

    I love cardigans, too, and have quite the collection… Yours is very pretty!

    Our older son went to college in SF, but we hope the “little” one will end up somewhere in Southern California! 🙂

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you like the sweater and the view. I feel lucky that it is less than an hour’s drive for me to be at a nearby beach.

    1. My son gets to enjoy that view everyday, lucky guy. As I was putting together the post, I realized that boots at the beach might seem a bit odd but I had been thinking ‘gauchos’ (the university’s mascot) as I was getting dressed that morning so the western booties seemed an appropriate choice.

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