Floral and Pattern Mix & Link Up

The mixing of patterns and prints is an ideal way to add interest and a youthful vibe to an outfit. Plaids, stripes, polka dots, geometrics, florals … any and all patterns can be mixed and matched for visual appeal and personal flair. Since this is my weekly Powers the Flower link-up post, my featured outfit is a mix of floral and polka dot.

FWE - powers the flower 021816-12

FWE - powers the flower 021816-2

You’ve probably blinked your eyes a couple of times and maybe even moved in closer to your screen straining to figure out where in the heck are there polka dots in that outfit. I admit that pattern mix is subtle with the darker palette but it is there. Here’s a close up of the two patterns and a view of the outfit without the jacket.

FWE - powers the flower 021816-7

FWE - powers the flower 021816-6

The floral pattern is a bit abstract but I think that works well with blue and coral color palette. I bought the blouse a few years ago at Macy’s and the pants are a recent purchase at a local thrift store. They were in almost new condition and I’m not afraid of a pattern on my lower half so buying them was a no brainer. Like the blouse, I’ve had the jacket of a few years but it was bought at GAP. The blue suede booties are Nine West and were featured on Day 4 of my 31 Day Footwear Challenge.

FWE - powers the flower 021816-4

FWE - powers the flower 021816-5

The bracelets were gifts from The Husband given to me at different times but I like how they look stacked together. I don’t recall where or when I bought the faux coral pendant necklace but I’m lucky to have been able to wear with this outfit because my daughter often wears it and hides it from me.

FWE - powers the flower 021816-8

FWE - powers the flower 021816-9

Are you a fan of mixing it up with patterns? What are your favorite combinations? Share and show us what you’ve got in the Powers the Flower link-up (click on the blue froggy below).

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