Giving Age-Appropriateness the Boot

In Take Back Friday I shared that this would the first year that I didn’t head out to shop once dinner was over on Thanksgiving nor was I planning to be up before dawn to hit the stores on Black Friday.  For me, all of this year’s pre-Black Friday ads, promotions, and sales had led me to the conclusion that there would be very few bargains offered Thursday night and Friday morning that I hadn’t already taken advantage of earlier in the week and would probably be offered all Thanksgiving weekend.  With that in mind, I slept in Friday morning, enjoyed a pedicure in the not so busy nail salon in the afternoon, and then went looking for a few bargains at a couple of nearby discount stores.  I was able to find gifts for several people on my list so all in all, it was a great way to spend Black Friday.

More shopping success on Saturday as the Husband and I found an economically priced suit (advertised Black Friday deal at a department store) for our still growing man-child.  The stores were busy but we had no trouble finding a parking space so it seemed that the big crush had passed.  But the best bargain was found on Sunday.

I don’t know about you but I find it to be a huge thrill to find a surprise bargain.  My daughter and I had made plans to go to a newly established local farmer’s market on Sunday morning and its location is near an Off Broadway Shoes store.  I knew that my daughter was looking for shoes for a dressy occasion (and I was hoping to get a gift idea for her as well), so after a stroll through the farmer’s market, I suggested that we pop into the shoe store and see if they had anything she liked.  I hadn’t seen any of the OBS Black Friday ads so I had no idea what deals we might find.  Well to our delight, the store’s big Black Friday deal was a temporary mark down price of $19.99 on whole lot of boots.  A whole lot, like 25 or more styles.

By the end of our visit, collectively we had purchased 5 pairs of said boots.  My daughter bought one pair and I bought four, one pair to be a gift for my daughter, two pairs as gifts for family friends, and a pair for myself.  Since my blog post on combat boots and their age-appropriateness (here), I had been seesawing on the idea of buying myself a pair but hadn’t found any that liked enough to spend the money on.  The seesaw definitely tipped in favor of such a purchase when I found the pair you see featured here including in this fabulous sale. - combat boots 1 - combat boots 2 - combat boots 3 - combat boots 4







Although these boots also came in brown and even though I already have several pairs of black boots, I chose the black because often inexpensive shoes in brown look cheap and unfortunately those were no exception.  I like that the pattern and contrast of the inside flaps of these boots is subtle and that there aren’t a lot of buckles or metal hardware.  Definitely a shoe to be shown, I can see myself wearing these on the weekend with rolled up skinny jeans and comfy layers on top as I did in this pictures.

I think I have proven to myself that fashion can be ageless if you make it your own.  How have you learned to embrace ageless style?


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