Stop and Go: The Tune That Is Stuck In My Head

December, a month filled with holiday cheer, festive celebrations, and traffic nightmares.  Fewer daylight hours, more delivery trucks on the road, and lower gas prices all add to the well-known Los Angeles area freeway congestion.  This recent article in LA Times reported that 11 of the top 30 worst traffic bottlenecks are in the Los Angeles area.  Thankfully, my commute does not take me through any of those listed but I deal with my fair share of bottlenecks on a daily basis anyway.

A little known pastime of mine is writing song parodies.  Not quite in the style of Weird Al Yankovic or Cledus Judd, the parodies I write are mostly for party invitations and such but I do get an occasional idea for what would be a true parody.  The idea for this particular parody came to me a couple of years ago while stuck in traffic and wishing that I was somewhere else enjoying the wintery weather we don’t get in LA.

And now, for the first time in front of a live audience, I bring to you (drumroll please) … Stop & Go, sung to the tune of Let It Snow.


Oh, the morning commute is dreadful,
And the reports are so unhelpful,
But since I’ve got no horn to blow,
It’s Stop and go, Stop and go, Stop and go!

It doesn’t show signs of moving,
And I’ve lost my mind while driving,
The gas needle is getting low,
It’s Stop and go, Stop and go, Stop and go!

When I finally get to work,
How I hate being the last to arrive,
But if my boss is not a jerk,
I can still leave before five.

The traffic is barely creeping,
And, my dear, I feel like weeping.
Need two for the carpool lane, so
It’s Stop and go, Stop and go, Stop and go!


Happy travels, friends.


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