Halloween 2015

We have transitioned from a children focused Halloween to the adult version, whatever that means.  The husband and I have not needed to accompany our children in their trick-or-treating endeavors for a few years now but there would still be the excitement of figuring out a costume and sorting through the candy.  This year with my young adult children no longer needing my costume creation services and neither bringing home a haul of unneeded candy, I had expected that the husband and I would be sitting at home on Halloween night waiting to see if any trick-or-treaters came a calling.  We would probably take a stroll through our townhouse complex to see how some of our neighbors had decorated their doorsteps (one in particular does a spectacular job with all sorts of sound reactive objects) or maybe cruise over to a street in our old neighborhood where several homeowners go all out on their decorations.  Instead, we found ourselves sort of invited to a Halloween party and we went in costume.

The idea of a costume came to me before we skirtheard about the party.  I found a skirt at GoodWill that ‘spoke’ to me.  I’m not sure if exacting what it was saying but it was definitely telling me that it was fabulous and that I should buy it.  It was black, midi length, with a striped pattern of ribbon sewn on net tulle (see picture).  I loved how the changing directions of the ribbon stripes give the skirt an architectural quality.  I knew immediately that I would wear it for a December holiday party we would be invited to but I also thought it had kind of Victorian vibe and might work as part of a Steam-punk costume.  So I bought it because for $4.99 how could I go wrong?

We heard that the daughter of good friends of ours (who is also a friend of our daughter) was planning a Halloween party and we got ourselves invited as well under the guise of chaperoning and keeping our friends company.  Now I had a reason to fully develop the Steam-punk costume so back to thrifting we went.  The fabric of this vest made it a great piece to pair with the skirt but it was a bit big on me.  No matter, I know that will a little nip and tuck I would have another piece for my costume.  I won’t bore you with the details but a little off the sides, some lacing in the back, and the vest was transformed.

vest frontvest back beforevest back after






The black blouse was another thrifting find so the cost of the clothing part of the costume was less than $10.  I found a feather and lace headpiece at a costume store, a small felt hat at a craft store, and with a little hot glue I had a fine bonnet to go with my outfit (see feature photo).  The boots and jewelry I used to complete the outfit I already had in my collections.

steampunk front view

steampunk back+

steampunk hat









Here is the completed look.   I didn’t get much of any ‘steam’ industrial aspects into the costume but I have some ideas on that for the next time I wear this costume.

2 thoughts on “Halloween 2015”

  1. You have a beautiful blog. Your costume is very creative and of course, I love your headwear. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!

    1. I use to have quite a collection of hats many years ago when I wore my hair straighter but the way I wear it now doesn’t always work well with hats. I recently discovered your blog (which is awesome) and I so wanted to be able to join in on the Hat Attack and then I remembered the headpiece from my Halloween costume. I am now giving second thoughts to hats and will try to find one or two that will work with my hair.

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