Soup’s On The Menu Tonight

Today in Southern California we got a brief taste of true Fall weather.  A bit of rain overnight with some lingering sprinkles here and there during the day and high temperatures in the upper 60’s.  Woohoo, I’m wearing boots today and fixin’ up a pot of soup.

Tonight’s offering is Broccoli and Roasted Garlic Soup.  It was served with sandwiches using leftovers from last night’s tri-tip and a lovely viognier that my husband bought at Costco.  Tonight was the first time I made this soup or even attempted to roast garlic.  Both came out very tasty, if I do say so myself, and I got a two-thumbs-up from my husband.    The only change I made to the original recipe is that I used a non-dairy margarine instead of butter to saute the onions because my daughter has a milk protein allergy (she will be having some of the leftovers tomorrow night).  One of the reasons this recipe cut the mustard (pardon the pun) for me to try is because it is not a cream based soup.

As this is my first post in the ‘Skates the Plate’ category, I will share with you that I am a recipe collector.  While I do have a few recipe books, a lot of the recipes I’ve amassed over the years are from various magazines, newspapers, and on-line sources.  The collection started when my mother would pass to me her copies of the Seven Sisters magazines that she subscribed to when she had finished reading them.  I now subscribe to a couple of these magazines myself as well as a few others and more recently social media and the internet are frequent sources for new recipes.  Some I have tried (with moderate success) but there are many that are still waiting their turn.

Due to the pattern of our schedules in the last year or so, my husband is usually the one who prepares dinner for us and I have gotten out of the habit of doing much cooking at all.  It is my plan going forward to make dinner at least one night during the weekend and to make trying a new recipe a more regular effort.  I will be reporting on these efforts here.

Bon Appetit!

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