Loving Anthropologie

I love catalogs and yesterday I got one from Anthropologie.  My dream beach-side vacation home would look and smell like the inside of an Anthropologie store but without the clothes racks all over the place.  The October catalog features three non-modelish ‘women of character’ wearing the retailer’s clothing as the outfits might fit into their real life situations.  It is such a relief to see an advertisement for clothing I might buy, modeled by women to whom the clothing and I can relate.  I can only hope that more retailers will begin to realize that there is a demographic older than 25 that has money to spend on stylish clothing and wants to see those fashions modeled by women who are more like them than their daughters (or granddaughters).


anthro feature image


If you have a moment, check out these features on the models, In Her Own Words: Marie-Agnès GillotIn Her Own Words: Jacquelyn Jablonski, and In Her Own Words: Kathryn Minshew.

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