Fine, whatever! You’ve heard it or said it yourself countless times, usually as a dismissal or a reluctant admission of surrender that often promises retribution. Maybe it’s time to change that.

When you find yourself saying “fine, whatever”, let go of the ‘passive/aggressive’ and embrace a new ideal.  Be stylish, have fun, and celebrate the moment with “it’s all fine, whatever tickles the fancy”.


The “Whatever” categories …

Hooks the Look – there are endless choices for the clothing we buy, for the styling of hair and make-up, and for the décor for the homes we live in.

Hustles the Muscle – being stylish will only go so far if you don’t take care of your health and stay active

Props the Shop – the pursuit of finding a good bargain and the enjoyment of discovering a retailer whose goods fit your style and budget

Skates the Plate – food I have prepared, cooked, baked, ordered, and best of all, eaten with delight

Spins the Grin – the other things in life that amuse me and puts a smile on my face