Wednesday’s Whatevers: Issue #14

Looks like I’m a bit late with getting this week’s Wednesday’s Whatevers post published so I apologize for the delay.  Time got away from me after a weekend in Las Vegas and Rosh Hashana, then I realized it was Wednesday and there was no post ready for this morning.  Anyway, this week’s collection of links on ideas for being stylish, having fun, and celebrating the moment in an “it’s all Fine, Whatever tickles the fancy” manner is now ready to share with you. In following with the format of the categories on the blog (see them here), for your reading pleasure I now present;

Whatever Hooks The Look

The theme for the Fine-Whatever link up for this coming Saturday (which is the second one of the month) is Up Down All-Around. A rule that many fashion bloggers/advisors use when considering a new clothing purchase is whether or not the item will work with at least two or three other items in their closet. With Up Down All-Around I try to show how a clothing item can be styled up for work, down for play, and all-around for fun and these are a few of the past posts with this theme.

FWE - ptf 3x dress 042816-7

Up Down All-Around Floral Dress

Chambray Vest

Up Down All-Around Chambray Vest


Up Down All-Around Bomber Jacket

Whatever Hustles The Muscle

Nearly everyone and their mother is super excited for Fall because it’s the start of boot season so for this week, I”m sharing links about foot health and tips for walking in snow.


10 Things Your Feet Say About Your Health |


The Worst Shoes for Your Feet |


Winter weather walking: How to safely get around in snow |

Whatever Props The Shop

This past weekend I stopped in at a Lucky Brand store and spied these fabulous cardigans. I’m having trouble narrowing my choice down to one. Which would you choose?

Whatever Skates The Plate

These are the new yummy recipes I came across this past week that are now on my “must try” list.


Eggplant Rings | Delish


Balsamic Glazed Chicken | Delish


Trick-Or-Treat Tart | Real Simple

Whatever Spins The Grin

Besides wearing boots, in the Fall we also start to layer up with scarfs so for this last section, I have three how-to tutorials to wrap things up (LOL, pun intended).


25 Ways To Wear A Scarf | Wendy’s Lookbook


Scarf Tying In 10 Ways | Evalina


How to Tie a Scarf 2016 | All In One


Those are the whatevers for this week, which one was your favorite?


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