Wednesday’s Whatevers: Issue #13

Does it feel like Fall yet in your neck of the woods?  It doesn’t in mine, not with temps over 100 yesterday.  There is a cooling trend expected soon so cooler weather is coming but for now, I have a collection of links on ideas for being stylish, having fun, and celebrating the moment in an “it’s all Fine, Whatever tickles the fancy” manner ready to share with you. In following with the format of the categories on the blog (see them here), for your reading pleasure I now present;

Whatever Hooks The Look

The theme for the Fine-Whatever link up for this coming Saturday (which is the first one of the month) is Powers The Flower aka floral. This was the theme of my weekly link up when it first started back in January and here are a few of those earlier posts.

+Rena Blog Flowers 1-7-2016 093

Powers The Flower: Flowers That Bloom In Winter

FWE - Powers the Flower 012816-4

Powers The Flower: Blooming Jewelry

FWE - Powers the Flower 011416-2

Powers The Flower: An Inspired Look

Whatever Hustles The Muscle

This week I’m sharing three links to exercises for arms because who wouldn’t want more sculpted and less jiggly arms.


11 Best Exercises to Get Strong, Toned Arms |


Arms Workout For Women: A Girl’s Guide To Guns |


5 Arm Exercises You’re Not Doing But Should Be |

Whatever Props The Shop

Halloween is just about a month away so time to start thinking about a costume that I won’t be wearing and won’t need because The Husband and I will be out of town the weekend before the 31st and I don’t dress up at work. But I still get a kick out of looking at the costumes. Last year I created my own Steampunk costume from thrift store finds (see it in this post).

Whatever Skates The Plate

These are a few of the yummy recipes I came across this past week and are now on my “must try” list.


Caprese Tomatoes |


Spiralized Cinnamon Apples with Greek Yogurt |


Dairy Free Lemon Cheesecake |

Whatever Spins The Grin

This coming weekend I’m headed to Las Vegas with my daughter and we’ll be meeting up with my sister, my niece, and four friends of my daughter and niece. The younger crowd have tickets for the Route 91 Harvest music festival while my sister and I will shop, gamble, and otherwise amuse ourselves. We, my sister and I, have both been to Las Vegas numerous times but we haven’t seen these unusual attractions.


The Mob Museum


Zombie Apocalypse Store


The Neon Museum


Those are the whatevers for this week, which one was your favorite?


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2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Whatevers: Issue #13

  1. I actually like your Halloween outfit! ( for daily wear!) In the Netherlands we don’t do much about Halloween, wich I regret. I love Halloween. And horror!

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