Wednesday’s Whatevers: Issue #11

Has Wednesday’s Whatevers become a regular read for you each week? I hope so but if you’re stopping by for the first time, Wednesday’s Whatevers is a weekly feature where I share a collection of links on ideas for being stylish, having fun, and celebrating the moment in an “it’s all Fine, Whatever tickles the fancy” manner.  In following with the format of the categories on the blog (see them here), for your reading pleasure I now present;

Whatever Hooks The Look

The theme for the Fine-Whatever link up for this coming Saturday is Color My World. Like in the last two of these posts, I will be sharing a color combination that I remember seeing in a magazine last Fall that pairs up two fairly popular colors that are not normally seen together (that’s the only hint I’m giving). Meanwhile, these are the two previous CMW posts and one on the Pantone colors from early this year.

FWE - cmw blue & black 071616-1

Color My World: Blue & Black

FWE - cmw moss 082016-7

Color My World: Moss+Black+Poppy

FWE - powers the flower 020416-2

Rose Quartz & Serenity

Whatever Hustles The Muscle

This week’s line up of links for this category all deal with brain health because that is the muscle that does the most hustle and it definitiely needs to stay in shape.


Reset Your Body Clock for Better Brain Health – AARP


Doctors Explain How Negative Thinking Is Bad For Your Health – Powers Of Positivity


Why Your Brain Needs More Downtime – Scientific American

Whatever Props The Shop

The Lauren Conrad Runway Collection was recently unveiled and these are the items I will be seeking out on my next trip to Kohl’s.

Whatever Skates The Plate

Last week I shared healthy options so this week I’m back to sweets and these sweets seem perfect for the upcoming changes in seasons and weather.


Apple Pie Cookies – Cooking Panda


Monster Cookie Dough Dip – Delish


Pumpkin Crunch Cake – Buns In My Oven

Whatever Spins The Grin

This whatever category can be anything that might make you smile, if even just a little bit. Learning an easy way to fold a fitted sheet has certainly made that task a whole lot easier for me and who couldn’t use some new ideas for fun stuff to do on date night. And I know that it’s still a bit early to be thinking of Halloween (although the costume shops have opened already), but you have to take a look at the last link and see this woman’s really creative DIY costume.


How To Fold A Fitted Sheet – Real Simple


The Top 50 Date Night Ideas of All Time – Redbook


Four Legged Stilt Spirit – Etsy


Those are the whatevers for this week, which one was your favorite?


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